Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobility in the Not-So-Commonplace

There's that too, you know?

For instance, I awoke this morning to a naked, wet-haired two-year-old asking me to change her diaper please.
This is a morning that would have otherwise required tooth picks to keep my eyelids open, but upon seeing this sight in the blurry dimness that one cracked eyeball afforded, I was instantly awake!


That must have been one seriously soggy diaper this morning for her hair to be wet too!
Now I was fully awake. Nothing like the imagined mess lurking somewhere in the path of other little feet to bring one to ones senses - however awful the sensation must be!

Then I noticed the towel draped over one shoulder.
And she was too clean and dry.
Confusion upon confusion!

At last what I deciphered from my lisping daughter, was that she had taken a shower with big brother - before seven in the morning , mind you!

He is amazing! How come I haven't thought of having him do that before now?
Will I in the future?
I don't know, but what I do know is that my Zachary saw an opportunity to share some fun with sister, and help mom out too.

Noble. Truly.
Though there was nothing commonplace about it!


Mother Hen said...

How cute! What a good big brother!

The Diane Story said...

That is so awesome! But I too would have been so confused at those early hours while not fully awake. lol.

Love you. Also, thanks for the prayers. I've felt them. I've been able to have some decent days. While I woke up at 4am screaming in pain, I was still able to get out later in the day. So I know prayer is helping me a bit.