Friday, August 22, 2008

Precious Gems

Zachary lost his third tooth last night - his first top tooth!
He worked on it diligently all evening 'till at long last it broke free.
I wondered if it was motivation when I offered to take him to Mr. Smith (home from Iraq) who pulled his seven-year-old's top left front tooth last week!
That's o.k. mom - I can handle it!

Mr. Smiley:-)
Sweet sweet Clay. quick to see a need and meet it.
Great Grama F. you would be happy to hear this guy - he likes to spell all his questions and answers: If someone asks "Mom can I have a snack?", I hear a little lisping voice pipe up "M-E T-O-O!"

Miss Sue got her first ever hair-cut last week - just a little trim of the long stringy ends.
I think it's an improvement, and boy! Does she look older all of a sudden?!

THIS is a little bitty trouble maker. Mmm-hmm. It's true.
Where did you get that Olivia?
What are you doing Olivia?
Where have you been Olivia?
Oh-livvv-eeeeah!!! What? you think that sweet innocent smile is going to make it alright?
Hmmm. You're pretty smart!

Carolina Truth - littlest but not least!
Two top teeth are about to pop through. Isn't that ironic? #1 is losing his top teeth and #5 is getting hers:-)
She is now able to sit in the shopping cart (albeit buckled in), and gets lots of attention because she is so tiny sitting there!

What a delight these children are to me!
I am glad that there are so many wonderful Grandma's to appreciate these little Bugs with me:-)


2homeschool said...

Beutiful Children miss lene, down right beutiful children. :-)

Kim said...

They are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and ... oh yeah, gorgeous! What wonderful blessings!

The Diane Story said...

Those were nice little updates on the little ones! They are absoulutely adorable. Mmmhmm...they are!

Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch!