Saturday, August 16, 2008

Groovy Greats

"Children's children are a crown to the aged..." Pr. 17

I can't tell you what a privilege it is to have been able to introduce all my children to both sets of my grandparents, and three of their daddy's grandparents.

This Summer when visiting our Sunny California home, we got to drop in on my paternal grama and grampa - here you see my Grama F. with a lap full!

This Great Grama is never satisfied until she has made my children eat some food - bananas, persimmons, oranges, apples, fejoas, crackers, juice... You name it, she is sure you will only be half a person until your tummy has something in it!
She may be right? ;-)

And then out at my folks we celebrated Zachary's birthday with Mom's parents!

Great Grampa H. was blowing out a number 80 plus eleven candles ( he was 91 this Summer for those of you who are as slow as I was figuring this out!)

Carolina enjoyed making friends with Great Grama H, and inspecting her specticals :-)

I myself had the honor of knowing my mom's grandmother whom we fondly called Gee-Gee.
When I wsa quite little, Gee-Gee came to stay with us for weeks at a time, and she would cook Roast dinner always remembering green beans for me. She made world-class pies too! Gee-Gee used to make pies every day as a young girl for family and farm hands - she never consulted a recipe because her hands knew what they were doing by memory!

I am so thankful for the chance for me to know a small piece of the generation that my great grama came from, and I praise the Lord for opportunity for my children to know their greats too.

The Lord's mercy stretches through all generations. I have seen it!


Faith Alterton said...

Analene - that is a GREAT picture of your grandpa blowing out the candles! And you're right, it is such a blessing to have little ones grow up knowing grandparents and even great-grandparents. Such rich memories it looks like you just made. Thanks for sharing!

The Diane Story said...

I was blessed to know five of my great grandparents. My last great grandparents just passed away two years ago. I feel very blessed to have had GREAT grandparents alive until I was twenty-something. I mean, who really gets that amazing opportunity?

My children unfortunetely will not get that opportunity as Nate and I both only have a grandma, each, alive still.

I am forever grateful for the memories though. Thanks for sharing your precious times too Analene.

Kim said...

I only met my great grandfather and my own grandparent have passed away, but it sure is amazing to have those family generations connect.

Suzanne said...

What a blessing. All my grandparents had passed on before I was born. And to think: GREAT grandparents! They must love all the little ones:)