Friday, August 8, 2008

What to Blog Tonight?

When in a dilemma of this sort, only ask your children and you will instantly have fodder for the impotent mind!

Zachary said to blog that: "Us children have the stinkiest feet EVER! -will you write that mom?"
Then commenced a dialogue about who in this house really HAS stinky feet, and when I was unjustly accused of this gross atrocity I proceeded to prove my point by sharing an up-close whiff with my snickering eldest son!
If I didn't make the desired impression, at least he knows I am not to be thus tempted in the future.
You'd better be careful what you accuse your MOTHER of!!!

Do you want to see the lake that's four mils from our new digs?
Here it is!
Perfect for swimming, socializing, bathing, moose and bald eagle watching.
Are you drooling?
Tell me what you think;-)


heidi said...

Oh my!!! So drooling!!! Mike keeps telling me that one day we are moving to a spot like that...uproot this beach girl (born and raised on a CA beach). Hmmm stinky feet, my eldest dd might just win that. I'm so happy for you...purchase of your new home. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! ;o) Heidi

2homeschool said...

The pictures are beautiful. The lake looks a tad bit cleaner then ours! I wish I had been able to get up there while you were there.

My parents made it as far as boise, but I was hopeing that we would have been able to make it up while you were there. Let us know the next time you go back.

I have heard through the rummor grapevine that S.(R.)W. is in labor... Have you hear anything? I didn't think she was due this soon, but you know my memory. Praying all is well.

Hope you are getting lots of rest and that YOUR washing machine doesn't deside to quit working like mine. (Lucky us ours was still under warrenty)

I'll try to blog soon,

LOVE LOTS!!!!!!!


Faith Alterton said...

Awww - you have the cutest nephew and niece! :) And the evergreens are lovely there by the lake! I miss tall green trees ...

Momma Bug said...

Yes Faith,
I do what I can in the department of nephews and nieces, however I suppose I'll share half the credit with YOU!

I'm a valley-raised girl, but I'm looking forward to learning all the wonders of mountain living.
It is remarkably beautiful!

I only heard that S's water had broke.
I think she is very near to her due date, so I look forward to hearing who the new little one is!
My sis in lay Kim is due any time too. She is expecting a girl:-)

Love you!