Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dreaming of Idaho

Things we need:

toilet (inside the house)

lights by which one can read without going blind

propane oven

sink with running water

washing machine (even MY make-do spirit has limitations!)


I have been pining for a tub all winter, and Idaho is where it really counts. My husband graciously took up the task of solving the problem of NO INDOOR PLUMBING.

Possible solution?

You may not believe this, but if you get covered in enough layers of dirt and sweat and the hair on your legs is an inch long... this is looking pretty darn GOOD!


Diane said...

lol. I love it Analene! I would resort to that too if I hd too! Miss you!

princessmama said...


I've seen this before, in mother earth news. I've also seen a much more 'sophisticated' version involving a wood heated boiler and lots of piping

2homeschool said...


jenny said...

Hmmm that's some list! Bathing and washing is definitely on my list of things I want to do (funny how I want to bathe every day but don't need the children to!). Can't you just bring your towel up to the creek? :)-

Momma Bug said...

The creek isn't so tempting in the dead of winter!
We used the lake a few miles up the road last Summer, and it was a ton of fun.
When it got cold, my dearly beloved and I showered out on the porch with a two gallon Colman pump-up shower and the light of the moon and stars!
At times the porch was iced over, and we STILL went out! (the price you are willing to pay to be clean) ;-)
It was tons of fun, and a load of delightful memories, however... I would love for the long-term solution to not involve bathing the children in the snow.
So there.


Lady Jess said...

O.k. the last part- TMI ;)

jenny said...

Hmm doesn't sound quite as good as say, a hottub in the dead of winter. Showering together under the stars would be nice...minus the shivering! (What was that neighbors name you haven't met, James? Maybe he's got binoculars...) I am so relieved to know, my friend, that you are willing to clean yourself no matta the weather, that's my kinda girl! Oh and one more ?--Does the long hair on the legs help with warmth??? tee hee

Anonymous said...

Our list is very much the same as yours, but we have to get some sort of structure built first. I have cabin envy. ;-) Actually our list has changed a bit as we've placed getting the garden in as our first priority and then getting it fenced with electric wire. Zone 6 will be great for growing lots of things, and we should have a very sunny summer, but it's not a long summer. So, we've got to get the garden in pronto. Even if we haven't moved up there by the time you move out, we should be up there almost daily - working, working, working! Can't wait to spend long hours in Idaho paradise with you and your family! Oh, and I promise not to peek through the trees at night.

Loving you . . . . . . .

Momma Bug said...

Our bathing criteria may change a little ;-)
However... AJ says you girls are paranoid! ha! It is true that while the light of the stars is light enough to bathe by, I never said we shine a spotlight on the porch!
Besides, I think it is a sight that would keep most critters and people far away - given the choice! ;-D
A shower curtain would go far, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

We've talked about getting something to attach outside the camper - for a little privacy. But a tub *inside* the house would be nice. I can't get the cart ahead of the horse though, so bathtubs and stoves and sinks and washers all have to come *after* a building is up. Something about priorities I think. ;-)