Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bobsie Twins Work on the Mower

I should have thought it over more carefully before fixing both girls hair in pigtails. I couldn't tell them apart at a glance, and just wait till the third little blond-haired girl joins the ranks of the Mountain Woman Mechanics Club!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching these proceedings from my perch above them on the deck.

It appears they got it running.
It looks like they were taking it for a test... I mean joy ride!

Just because it was the brightest point in my day, I give you "The Quilt Ladder"!
AJ and Zack made this for me this morning per my request and at the expense of not doing some of the other more important things on the long, long list.
This ladder had a specific place all ready for it to fill and I will give you pictures of that later.

These top two quilts were lovingly made from my dear dear friend Deborah who hand pieced and quilted them for my first two babies.
The one on bottom was made for AJ and his bride upon his marriage, by his great grandmother shortly before she died (when he was a little boy). It too is hand pieced and quilted and has been longing to be displayed with so much love and delight these twelve years!!
I am ECSTATIC to enjoy them in my new mountain abode:-)

Thank you, you dear and wonderful women!!!
And thank you my dear and wonderful man!


Shauna said...

Too much fun! I've got to get Heidi some coveralls like that. They would sure be nice for all her mechanical work on Daddy's old horse equipment.
I LOVE your quilt ladder. What lovely love-filled works of art!

Jana said...

Wow, I was FOUR posts behind in my reading! What a treat to have 4 of your posts in a row to read. :) It sure is fun to see what ya'll are doing up there!

Mama K. said...

The pictures of the girls are SO darling! I love the pigtails and can't wait to see if Carolina's hair is more blonde when she's their ages.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't ever get McKenna's hair to part as well as you get your girls' to! I've tried water, etc., and just dosen't look like that. Is it a skill you just HAVE or does it get better with subsequent children? I'm hoping for the latter. :)
Luv you!

Diane said...

Those are some special quilts. How fun!

Momma Bug said...

Mama K,
I would LOVE to have a daughter with hair like McKenna's!! It's beautiful!

I don't know about hair-parting being an art, but have you tried a rat tailed comb and a little water sprayed on? That's all I use, but it does part better with those two ingredients as opposed to when it's dry dry.

We miss McKenna - can you all come for a visit? We can let the boys explore, the girls play within close proximity and WE could sip something on the upstairs porch?

You are invited:-)