Thursday, June 25, 2009

A "Get-Through-It" Day

...Which we've almost "gotten through"!

Not much new to report today.
AJ is in Kentucky and we are thickening our skin even more while hoofing it alone. So far, so good. I even started the generator myself, and have kept the phone charged. I MAY even attempt a shower on my own too if I'm real brave. That entails heating a big pot of water over the stove before pouring it into the Colman shower canister.
I have to say I think I'll feel a million times better if I scour myself clean tonight, so I might just be find myself feeling brave...

I've been sorting and putting away "stuff", hanging things on the walls (the fun part!), and discovering just how much junk we've accumulated in our marriage. And that with being pretty good getter-ridder-of-ers. It's a good thing or we'd be swamped! As it is, I don't know yet where everything will fit.

We figured out early on to keep anything we cared about in Rubbermaid storage bins. After a lot of trial and error we now use only the 18 gal. Roughneck Rubbermaid bins. They hold up well, stack great, and and stack beside one another well too.
These bins have kept rodents out of our things, and also kept our books in fairly good shape for sitting in storage so long.

There are a LOT of these bins stacked around right now, and as one gets unpacked it is soon refilled with other things that I won't need immediately. It's a decent system. For now I label all containers with duct tape (easy to determine what's inside), although in earlier times I numbered the bins and kept a master list of exactly what was inside each. that worked well too, but our bins and contents have been rearranged so often in the last few years and with the chance of losing that list... I abandoned that method.

Anyway, I am covered in layers of dust and needing to fix dinner for the hungry crew.
My sister Emma is coming this evening to share a few days with us - I'm excited about that! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the kiddos to help me clean up all the wood scraps in the yard and we can have a fire for S'mores. That sounds nice:-)

Perhaps I'll take some more pictures...
Who knows? wonderful things can happen once you've showered and feel like a human again!


Courtney said...

Oh my friend I wish I was there for one of our sleepovers :) Please say hi to Emma for me. I hope you two have fun catching up on sister time. Missing you,

Lady Jess said...

Oh, good for you! Say hi to Emma for me too!! ((Hugs)) to her.

Diane said...

Please take pics of you and Emma! For me! Seeing the two of you in a Pic would make me smile. Hope you were able to get a shower and feel human again. I really miss you!