Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Visiting Turkey and Other Things

This fellow seen lurking near the outhouse during early morning hours. Do you think he was waiting in line to use it?

Here's me with my Fathers Day barbecued Chocolate Chip Cookies - another victory in the BBQ except that I chose a recipe specifically for being"thick and chewy", and they turned out specifically not. That is to say they were good, but they were "thin and crispy". O'well. I'm just glad they weren't "burned and inedible".

And this is a picture of the Amazing and Wonderful new Wolfe commercial stove delivered to our door on Father's Day. (It was a great Father's Day for me;-)) I love it love it love it!!!

It's not plumbed in yet, but my Great Guy is rip-roarin' to try it out so it will be soon!

Two silly girls having fun playing "dress-up" and dancing around in plastic bowl - ers.

My firstborn boy while still seven years old - he'll soon be eight!

He has been finding these wild Tiger Lilies and delivering them so sweetly to me. I love it! What mother has enough hand picked, personally delivered wildflower bouquets? This one was almost as tall as Zachary.

There's a lot going on even when I don't post - maybe especially then!
More to come...


Anonymous said...

Abigail will not be visiting with me. I thought you'd like to know as soon I as I could find out for sure. As to whether or not I shall be in Idaho Thursday or Friday, that will soon be determined! Call If you have any questions.

Auntie Em

Jana said...

Wow! Your kitchen looks so homey! You've transformed the place for sure! And the stove seems to fit right in. :)

Shauna said...

I'm wanting that stove! Maybe if God blesses me with a few more children Karl will think one of those is neccesary around here as well.
We have quite a few wild turkeys around here and it cracks me up to watch Heidi chasing them all about the property. I ask her what she's doing, and she says, "I just trying to say hi to them".

jenny said...

I can see your belly, I can see your belly! You look so pleasantly pregnant, it makes me excited! Oh, and your stove looks marvelous too. :)

love, j

ps (can you put a ps in a blog comment?) our oven was broken and we cooked biscuits on our grill, all due to you my friend. they were just right! a true inspiration you are! :)-

Lady Jess said...

Oh! New stove, so exciting!!

heidi said...

how lovely...your new stove!! thank you for letting me start my morning with a few of your thoughts to go with my coffee! all I can say is it just felt good to wake up and read what all was going on with you...I also took some time to pray. =o)