Friday, June 5, 2009

In Response to Comments...

Mama K - Your McKenna will be most sorely missed by this crew. Give her a huge hug for me from Susanna, Olivia, Zack, and Clay! You never know...
You might want to visit Idaho;-)
We sure enjoyed your little girlie's while we were here and can't wait for the next opportunity to get reacquainted. Love you!

Jana, I feel for you! Can't wait to visit with you as well:-)

Gals of Chico - I was sorry to miss seeing or meeting several of you, but I guess I was a bit of a homebody and just relished watching the children play in the yard, sipping iced tea, and doing... nothing. It was very nice, and that pace has officially come to an end!

Heather, I'm sure my day was better than that. I watched seven road construction workers remove our piano from Gramsie's porch using a zoom boom. It was entertaining to say the least!
I look forward to hearing your wonderful voice soon at any rate.

Mother Hen-of-many-cowpokes...
I think you're right, it's high time I use post space to explain our gypsy-ish life. I guess I started blogging just as our life on the go began. It is very strange - this traveling here and there - even (or maybe especially) for me. I am a homebody too, but this is an adventure I wouldn't miss! Anyway, I've discovered the obvious: Home is where my husband and chiluns are. THAT is a wonderfully comforting thing to remember:-)

Thanks all for your prayers. I look forward to actually getting on the road (in a while - we still have some loading details).
I like traveling.
It means SITTING for a while;-P



Diane said...

Once I know you are settled up in Idaho, we will have to stay caught up with one another with some phone calls. I don't want to miss actually hearing your voice! Emails are good, posts are good, but your encouraging words are amazing! I love you more than you know and am praying for you!

Love you,

heidi said...

when you settle in, pop on over, i was thinking aboutcha. you always make me smile! =o) praying for a safe journey.

Jess said...

I am GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN They are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I want bookshelves *sob*

See an outdoor loo doesn't bother me here in Tas. If you check for red back spiders and poisonous snakes, you're fine. The biggest carnivore here in Tassie is a Tassie devil which is about the size of a very stocky small dog and would rather eat your work boots if you leave them outside. If I had bears, I may hesitate a little more before making the mighty loo dash.