Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've Landed...

...But hit the ground running!!

Marvel Hill is every bit as beautiful and wonderful as we remember it, and the work that's been accomplished by our amazing contractors is superb!
Amongst my favorites are the carpet upstairs in the bedrooms, and the bookcase surrounding our living room window.
I've succeeded in unpacking all our books (which have NEVER had a real home before this) and carefully placed each in its new home. Believe it or not all our books put together didn't fill our new book case, but I'll tell you... it was wonderful to empty eight or ten rubber maid bins that we've been storing!!! I think the books were glad to get back into the open air too;-)

This week as I have been unburying stuff and finding homes for dear things I haven't seen in a while, the contractors have been quickly framing up the "bath" room, the "toilet" room, and the new pantry (for dry goods, washing machine, and sink vanity). On top of that is an upstairs deck that we walk out on from our bedroom! Ooh la la!! Such luxury!

The children have been working and playing so hard that I don't hear a peep out of them once they fall asleep.
We've seen the mama moose and her calf and I think the calf (or perhaps it is a new one) resides on the fringes of Marvel Hill most of the time. He's been lingering where we see him fairly often.
Add to that the neighbors horses that thundered through the yard today and I don't even think of bears as being a real threat. I just hope my babies don't get caught in a stampede!

As to "have we settled in"?
Lets just say the last seven months in more modern dwellings has sissified me. The first night we were here I woke in the night and need the loo (badly!). I reconsidered upon gazing out into the dark, and even got so far as to set foot off the porch when I turned back.
I just couldn't do it! Too dark. Too quiet. (did I mention dark and quiet?) Dark and quiet isn't bad unless you hear a twig snap!
Anyhoo... You get the idea. I need to thicken my skin some.

All in all we are in love all over again - with the place, with the beauty, with the cabin, with the dark and quiet even.

Now for a Colman camp-style shower under the stars and then sleep.
And yes. We brought in the port-a-potty hassock in. Just in case!


Jess said...


I am GREEN with envy from my toes to my nose.


*sigh* I'd even go without a loo for bookshelves.

Ashley said...

It's great to hear 'bout all the happenings! Thanks for posting. :)

Shauna said...

Sounds wonderful. I hope you have a delightful summer! I agree with Jess, those bookshelves have me pining away for some of my own. Ah the joy of thousands of books and no real home for them!

Lady Jess said...

Awwww, it sounds so pretty!

heidi said...

how exciting!

Courtney said...

Oh friend I am missing you!! Sounds wonderful! I hope to call soon now that our company is gone. Be prepared - I have so many questions ;) Love ya Courtney

jenny said...

sounds absolutely wonderful! what great timing for you to be able to prepare your nest. us ladies/mommas need that! smiling about the potty turn around trip. i am sure i would have done the same, and not slept a wink b/c i had to go so badly! i can just picture the children wearing themselves out in the beautiful outdoors. great post. hugs to all.

Jana said...

I was just itching for an update! Sounds like some really fun developments.

And ugh, I would have gone with a full bladder for the night too. I am lilly-livered when it comes to dark, forresty, moose "infested," twig-snapping nights. ;)

princessmama said...

With moose in the yard!!! I wouldn't have been able to go out either! LOL I DON'T envy you that!

Glad you are "home" though :-)

Grace McHugh said...

Oh, we need pictures...........of the bookcase! I am most excited about that! :) So thrilled you are home and getting to nest. Love to you friend.

Momma Bug said...

yesss.... my beautiful lovely bookcase!
It's worth envying;-)
As to the loo...

It's not so much that I mind a moose - even close up. It's the "UNKNOWN" (ooooh!!! eeeek! shiver!)that I don't like. You see, I have a headlamp that works great, but you know how animal eyes do at night with a light shining into them. They glow. Red.
Not friendly in my opinion!
And if you can't tell what animal the eyes belong to... well. You get the idea, so thanks for your understanding!

I'll get those pictures up soon.


Diane said...

I was so excited to find a post here! I can't wait to see pics! I must head to bed now! Love ya.