Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Boy-ish Venture

Zack saw directions for a tree house in The Dangerous Book for Boys, and decided to build him a tree house.
He set right to, chose the perfect tree (even better than I would have imagined since I can see it from the kitchen and living room windows!), and got the framework up with some help from Brother. I was extremely impressed since Zachary is a perfectionist and while he has a zillion wonderful ideas, he is always looking to someone else to implement them in the name of "helping" him.
I pointed out his success to Daddy and we both recognized that the lumbar Z used wouldn't support the structure he was attempting. The next thing I knew, Daddy was helping disassemble Zack's start, and they commenced to build something a bit sturdier.

Zack and Clay have installed the "floor" all by themselves, and then Daddy sawed off the jagged pieces sticking out.

They continue to work on it diligently, and I am more impressed than ever that Zack didn't peter out once he got some help from dad, but has kept after it!
I think it will be a place the children congregate for some time:-)


Hold it here Brother.

That's a way!

Can you check to see if the nail went through?

Looks good!

Yep. Mighty fine piece of work.

Miiiigh-ty fine.


Shauna said...

Brings back ever so many memories of a certain sycamore tree and a best friend to share it with. Suppose they'll put up an insulated wall like Charlie and Kevin?

Momma Bug said...

Leave it to Zack to do that sort of thing! Ha! I forgot about the insulated wall;-)
What grand times - it almost makes it worth being a kid...
I wouldn't go back though, this "playing house" for real is pretty fun and much more rewarding!!

Love your Heidi Stories. She is a load of fun!!

Love you,

princessmama said...

Too fun! Love the tree house... and your little women mechanics!!! Too too cute! :-)

fawndear said...

I'm a wee bit jealous, there are no trees on our property big enough to support a tree house. What a wonderful experiance for your boys. Loved the picture where they were checking to see if the nail went through.

Lady Jess said...

Awwww! How fun is that?!?

Jess said...

Awesome, and I love your kid's overalls! It'd save on washing if I could get some of those,

Momma Bug said...

Yeah Jess, those coveralls have been one of the best purchases. The children wore them all last Autumn, every day! When it's a little cooler weather they layer up, but you've got the idea - I don't wash them. Just suit them up and send them out.
I use denim overalls for that purpose in the Summer, and what I'd really like is a place they can strip down on the porch and hang them on a hook for the next day.

We bought Walls brand (on sale they were probably twenty-thirty dollars) and Cardhart sells them too but more expensive. The ones my children are wearing are quilted, and they literally roll around on the ground in them. I did have to make emergency repairs last year when both boys slid their rears over a screw sticking out of the porch, but other than that I hope/plan for them to be durable through several kids!

Look for sale prices;-)

Photo Momma said...

I always wanted a tree fort growing up... good work boys!

Mommy Reg said...

I love it! Your boys are doing a great job. My Little Man has that book too.