Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snippets. In Full Color!

The days have been so extremely full that I have blog posts running through my head all the time, and every picture I take deserves it's own story; unfortunately, by evening I am bushed and ready for bed.
Ahhh, yes. Bed! Our own bed which has been missing us for a year and a half (and we missed it too!) now resides in our very first "own" bedroom and has a southern exposure facing our new "own" walk-out upstairs porch!
The porch isn't quite done, but it will be soon. I get a little queezy watching the contractors walk around on the scaffoldong and roof like it's closer to the ground than three stories.

"No thanks" for me, and" thank you LORD" that AJ hired someone else to do the job!
What fun it will be to sip coffee or tea out there in the mornings with my Great Guy:-)

These are wild Roses that Zachary brought me today. I had to take a picture of them because they are so lovely, AND because it is unusual for Z to think of doing that.

He said "Mom! Look what I found! And I had to pick some for you because I know how much you like them."
What a guy:-)


Clearly a snake. The boys called it "a big one" but I think that's because it't the first they were brave enough to corner without Dad cheering them on.
They had two girls though...

who could want more than a couple girls to appreciate such exploits!

For my own part, I was relieved it was a little snake, for when I heard them hootin' and hollerin' outside that they'd caught something, the first thing I thought was "now SURELY they aren't talking about that moose calf that's been hanging around all day!"
And it wasn't.

Outdoor showers will soon be a thing of the past, so we'd better remember them with the camera for posterity sake!

Lina wasn't thrilled about the shower part, but Daddy's idea of using the Rubber maid bin made up for the insult of the first half of the bath.

I didn't have the heart to permanantly record and publicly post the other four little bare dariers. I'm just that kind of mom;-)

These pictures are for you Grams. I don't know when I'll get some printed off for your frame, so I thought if you got ambitious you could try these. Love you!

And that about does me in for the night! Some little snippets so you can see in full color what things are looking like around here.
We just keep exclaiming over and over how much we LOVE it, and are so amazed and thankful to be here!
Thanks for enjoying with us:-)


Diane said...

I sure do love all these updates! I'm thinking catching up on the phone in the next few weeks is a must! I miss you my friend.


Shauna said...

Just so you know, that snake must be big. Heidi saw the picture, and the first thing she said was "Oh, look! They caught a biiiiig snake!" and this coming from my girl who declared the 3 footer we happened upon a couple days age a "little one".

Momma Bug said...

It must all depend on your own size and perspective. That and who you're telling the story to?
I don't know.
It was "big enough" for me!
By the way my friend, I have just been loving your blog! So much fun and such wonderful pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing your life at Eichenwald:-)

Dear D,
I will look forward to that phone call with delight! I miss you too.

gramsie said...

Ahhhhh--Love the pictures, Ana-Dearest! That new deck looks wonderful, but of course the little faces are what makes my grandma's heart sing. Please ask Zack to mark his rose find so we can take cuttings when I come. This one might be a good one to start by the house too, as you can be sure it is one that will winter over there. Love you so much...

heidi said...

Your home is coming along so beautifully. Cherish even the troublesome days cause later they'll be but a blink of the past. Some days I hate the mess but then I laugh cause if I were anyone else...I'd be laughing at how we got there.

2homeschool said...

Oh my dear,

I have written a couple of comments, but they don't seem to be posting, My internet is not real steady again.


So, I will try to combine some of it, but I am sure it will be lacking in flavor.


I love your book shelves. I was wishing for a home library myself.

I think your 'almost installed' oven is wonderful, but I think your BBQ loaf of bread is even more amaizing!

Tell the boys, my boys loved their snake!

Your whole place looks wonderful. Let me know when your up for company. ;-)

I love you and miss you!


Mama K. said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your new place Analene. It's really fun to see how much it is changing from your original picture.
How exciting that you finally have your own bed, your own room, and a deck (soon) to boot! Congrats!
love you,

Grace McHugh said...

For the future you should warn those of us beyond terrified of snakes that there are pictures of them! YIKES! Sipping tea in the early morning with your man on your new deck, fog drifting across the meadows, deer and other animals coming alive. It does not get any better. :)

Momma Bug said...

Dearest Grace,
It was people like you whom I was considering when I didn't post a close-up of this little guy. It made him look a lot bigger than life!

I just hung some oldie-goldies on my wall of Z,C AND SUE proudly catching and holding a four foot long gopher snake at our country home in Ca about three years ago.
Those pictures make the fellas proud!

Miss you,