Friday, August 13, 2010

Flamboyant Adornments

Little cousin has visited on more than a few days sporting flowers in her hair.

I had to look closely to see that they weren't real, but were darling little silk blossoms and had come in a package from her Auntie Faith.

...Along with two beautiful dresses.  

Apparently Auntie Faith (Hannah's sister) got a very bad itch to sew something for a girl - go ahead, 
click through the link.  You'll understand.
Anyway my girls were drooling.

Susanna even requested an "Auntie Faith".   
I can't say that I blame her - I'd like a dress like that myself!

I'm pretty sure she just got her first real taste of envy.

Because I could not grant her wish
(although I would like to insert that Auntie Hannah's are pretty unbeatable too) 
I decided to hunt down some clips for my girls.

Love them flowers - dirty face and all!
They picked their own flowers and glued them on with help from me.

  Three little daughters - my own princesses - satisfied for today.

...Until Auntie Faith sends another package to our cousin up the hill :-)


Shauna said...

Love the clips 'Lene, Heidi thinks Carolina's are the bestest!

Faith Alterton said...

Awww, thanks Analene. Flowers and little girls go together so well. Nothing like a bit of extra beauty! Great job!

Andi said...

How cute! I've been wanting to do that for a while but never have gotten around to it. Now I'm inspired!

Niko said...

You have your own amazing talents, my dear friend! I wish I could create pictures like you draw for my boys!

Diane said...

love them! So cute. I have had fun making hair accesories with my "niece". Can't wait till my brother has kids so I can start spoiling them too!