Friday, August 27, 2010

I bought these REALLYBIG Marshmallows

for the kids.

because I wanted to be the mom who does that sort of thing.

they made the reallybiggest S'mores I've ever seen.


 and the gooiest ones too.

but marshmallows this size almost guarantee bigger smiles!

Now THAT's a S'more!!


Photo Momma said...

I absolutely LOVE those photos!!! Where did you find marshmallows that size? I have never seen them before but that would be a fun addition to our annual family vacation/reunion.

Jess said...


Momma Bug said...

You know? I just found them in the grocery store this Summer. It's the first time I've ever seen them!
I have wondered though, if the grocery store here stocked them as a specialty item since it's a mountainous vacation spot. I don't know. I did see them at several stores - Yokes, and #1 Foods. I have no idea where you'd find them things in Ill. Or Tasmania... for that matter ;-)

You can find the online, but I didn't pay more than 5 bucks for them if I remember right.

Lady Jess said...

YUMMMY! Now I'm craving one!

Deborah said...

Great. Now I want a S'more.

Christabelle said...

LOL! Now I want one, too!

Grace McHugh said...

You are the best mom EVER!!!! And Deborah, if I find them I will bring them to your house! Or Analene will need to save a bag and bring them to Colorado so we can have a giggly girls night together. :)

Momma Bug said...

I would LOVE to bring some from here - say, I didn't get one this time! I guess that holding the camera wasn't conducive to eating a S'more.

Also... we are talking about a trip out East to see the Fall color, which means a little stop in Colorado for AJ to get a few days at the office. Can I take you up on that giggly girls night this fall when we come through?

I'll plan on it!