Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mah bay-bah's is all growed up!

This fellow, was the brave little fledgling to test his wings first.

Doesn't he look grand?
(not to mention that I think this a pretty nice shot!)

His brother waited until the coast was clear to take his first leap.

Olivia says you can easily tell they are boy birds:

"They have all the sticking-up hair."

She may be on to something... 

Anyhow, today's excitement may have been inspired by yesterdays excitement.
A story in which Susanna and Olivia managed to get the ladder up to the nest themselves 
 and invite two of their cousins to climb up and HOLD the chickies.  
With them.
Said culprits were caught red-handed in the act by Uncle Char who found mom (that's me) and asked: 
"Do you have any rules about baby birds and ladders?" 

Moms love being asked questions of this nature.  (I'm pretty sure my brother was laughing at me.)
"Do I NEED to have a rule about such things?"  I ask. 
Don't answer that one.

Anyhow, good ol' Unc told the kiddos 
"We don't touch ANYONE'S babies without asking first  [I think he's a genius]  
...and since we can't get the momma bird's permission, 
we just don't touch her offspring."

And I added to that:  
"Well... the good news is that momma bird came back to feed her babies, 
so I guess she's decided to let it pass this time."   

I understand how she sees the situation.

Happy launching Baby Birds! 


(and good luck there momma.  You may need it.)


Pam said...

Beautiful photos and words, as always.

His Wild Blossom said...

Oh that first photo cuts right to the heart of a bird and child lovers like my self. Great job!

Grace McHugh said...

I so enjoy watching the nest building and the nurturing of the birds. That first picture needs to be framed. :)

SarahS said...

Great pics Analene :) And great storytelling as always. I love Charlie's way of telling the kids they couldn't hold the babies, I bet that went over well

2homeschool said...

Love all the pictures and stories.

Thinking of you,

gramsie said...

So great to have the babies right there for everyone to enjoy--hands on :o)Loved the pic of the baby bird with Miss O in the background--your photos just get better & better. Love you....


Diane said...

awe. Reminds me of when the kids found the nest of birds at my birthday party last year! very fun. :)