Monday, August 23, 2010

A Squirrel's most fearsome predator is...

...the 9 year-old Boy.

Sadly (for him), this cute little fella was skinned and eaten.
It felt like Deja Vu to me.  I remember when my brother was 9!
I believe that Davey Crockett (he was first named - which is always sadder I think.)'s hide 
is now about as stiff as 
the cardboard version a 9-year-old Uncle Charlie
tried to tan some 20+ years ago.


Need I say more?


Grace McHugh said...

I am laughing so hard! I will not be allowing Rory to read this post..............he so wants to trap and skin a squirrel. We had allowed him to catch squirrels but so far have made him release them all. You are a great momma. :)

Shauna said...

I do believe I recall Uncle Charlie's conquest of all those many years ago. Did that occur durring the time Eric and I spent a week at your house, or is that just a faulty memory of mine? (Most of my memories from that week are pretty over-the-top entertaining without needing any embelishment at all) I hope your boys get as much enjoyment out of their catch as he did!

Diane said...

ah, poor little squirrel. Really? I would be cringing if I were you. I don't know about raising boys! lol
Never a dull moment up there in Idaho is there?

I miss you!


Momma Bug said...

Shauna, I don't remember for sure, but if Eric was ever 9, you would know this story by heart anyway!
I agree that the week you spent with our family was a years-worth of memories :-D Makes me smile just thinking of it!

Love you.


Diane, you'd manage;-) When the rubber meets the road, you're a bigger sucker for boys than squirrels named Davey Crockett ;-)

I love you too.