Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well stake my Ter-mater's!

 I sent my children on an expedition to find me some sticks for stakin' my Tomato plants.
Not necessarily because of their large size, rather in hopes of motivation them to grow.
"Grow, grow BIG, grow gorgeous; and please, my dear stunted little tomatoes, GROW SOME FRUIT for goodness sakes!"

So anyways, I told my fellers and their sister Sue, that I wanted some straight stakes five feet tall:

"That's from the ground to the tips of your fingers when you reach toward the sky"

And about four inches in circumference (they know this word):

"That'd be about the width of your wrist."

I wanted 19:

"...5 tomatoes at 3 stakes each, plus 4 for the peas to lean on...  
If you find me 12 to 19 stakes in a timely manner 
I'd consider it worth 2 dollars for each of you, 
and I think that's very reasonable 
considering it's YOUR garden too and I could send you on a stake-hunt as a 

They agreed.

Well I'm here to tell you they knocked my socks off , those industrious 4 foot tall plus-a-reach people! 
They came to me an hour and a half later with 14 near-perfect beauties and only stopped there because they forgot the total number I had requested.

The boys told me they'd found a Ceder tree that "was just right", and I still haven't gone into the woods to see if the tree has any limbs left.  We like the trees near our yard to be healthy and whole, bu the general deal around here is that if it's not within sight of the house, one is allowed to take a hatchet to it.  (If you visit with boys, please don't quote me on that - the deal might have changed by then). :-D

Don't they look tuckered? 

And the Garden...

It was so happy to have a few stakes.  We all wanted to see the tomatoes be motivated to grow.  Maybe this will help.


Thank YOU Nasturtiums - you're divine!

Oh Borrage - I love you also....

And that's that for now.
My ter-maters are happily hedged in,
I've lined a few or 6 pockets with spending cash,
I've documented the growth of the garden and provided you with proof,
and after all is said an done,  if the kiddo's aren't tired out, I am!

(Tah-tah for now)


Grace McHugh said...

To gaze upon your garden is comforting to my soul.

JMB said...

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! Everything looks so green and lush. The Texas heat has about done mine in. You have done a fantastic job on your first garden-I know you are proud every time you look at it or eat something from it!
Your Texas Friend,

Andi said...

Wow! It looks great! I wish I had planted a garden this year... but some how time flew by before I knew it.

SarahS said...

Great job kids! :)

Diane said...

staking ours helped a lot. Still not as much as I wanted but we at the least, started getting some fruit! Keep us posted on what becomes of them.