Monday, August 2, 2010

My girlfriend from Oregon, her guy and critters visited and made some memories together with us!

Sarah and Nate came and were very intelligent people 
who knew how to "vacation" the way we like to do it!
Lots of staying up late,
sleeping in late,
and visiting.

Sometimes bug repellent was necessary.

A few hikes were imperative. 
(The stroller was a nice addition in the outing to Marvel Hill's somewhat inaccessible creek.)

In this case I decided to forgo bathing attire and settle for changing out the wet clothes later.
Susanna really has those overall pant legs cuffed up, doesn't she?
My main question is 
"WHY(!!!) Clayton, do you insist on wearing boots to the creek?
You always let INVITE the water in right over the top!"

Then... a large crew of us hiked to a newly discovered spot 
8 miles behind our house down a maze of dirt roads.  Actually we drove those 8 miles,
but there was a little hike in to the "spot" from where we parked.

It's very hard to take,
living out a Summer like this.
In a place like this.
With people like this.

 Daddy took the boys on these natural waterfalls, and the girls wanted a go at it too 
- what awesomely brave little souls!  
Here's O. with dad before and after the first dunk.  

You might note that I tried it once myself, 
and that short little waterfall sucks you under for a few seconds 
before letting you come up for air! 

 Woo-HOO!!! Now over the little one!

 Me and my love

Sarah and hers:

Us all.  

 (we mostly don't go anywhere without the Cousins, in case you wondered)  ;-)

Thanks  for coming all the way form Southern Oregon to see us you guys!
 You're the best:-)

And we had a WONDERFUL time.


SarahS said...

We too had a Wonderful time! Love the pictures, so fun :)

Grace McHugh said...

These pictures exemplify summer living. Hikes, wading in creeks and BONUS............waterfalls and rocks! Wonderful memories you are making.

His Wild Blossom said...

OOOOHHHH I miss you and your beautiful children!!!

gramsie said...

Wow--what a great fun spot to swim and play. Looks like a place you could stay all day!