Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not everyone gets "Cane Sugar Coffee"...

...As a "surprise birthday breakfast" when it's August and ones birthday usually falls in April.

But I did!

This morning Susanna took some ownership of the kitchen (and supplies therein) to make us breakfast.

When I was called down, I arrived to five smartly-set bowls of rice with a granola bar by each,

and MY plate (set for "The Queen", I am told) 
held a peanut butter topped rice cake, a pile of dried cherries, 
a chocolate chip cookie, and a granola bar.   
(We know how to stock "supplies" around here.)

Beside it was a glass of water and a glass of "Cane Sugar Coffee" which apparently is warm black coffee with a liberal portion of cane sugar stirred in.

What a gal!

Clearly it's time to walk her through a few basic steps and turn breakfast over to her.  I never believed the day would arrive:-)


Grace McHugh said...

My heart is just melting at the love that was poured into your queenly breakfast.

SarahS said...

So, so, so CUTE!!!! :D

Andi said...

I absolutely LOVE having big girls! Moriah even wants to go to culinary and baking school. I told her she's allowed to live at home for the rest of her life if she wants to!

Diane said...

That brings tears to my eyes, just because you can see the love poured out by sue's dear heart. You've done a great job with your kiddos Lene.
I love you!