Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Water

A momentous week for us.
We took our first baths in the Marvel Hill "Bath"room.
Why is this so amazing?
because the "Bath"room is complete (baring a bench and some towel hooks),
and because we have hot water IN the house!!

(And why does she keep putting "Bath""room in quotes?!  Because there's nothing else in this room, my friends.
Don't try looking for a toilet or sink here - that's for another room *ahem* and post.)

It's been rather luxurious the past few days, to wash hands and dishes in hot water right out of the tap.
Some people think it's normal to expect hot water in a sink,
but I am familiar with heating water on the stove for dish washing.

This is in modern United States of America, people.

The only hot water previous to now has been a propane instant hot water shower on the porch.
Sans shower curtain.
Sans the promise of privacy.
Sans hot water if it's windy enough to blow out the pilate.

Even that propane shower was a step up from the 2 gallon Coleman pump-up shower of the last two seasons!

So back to my INDOOR hot water...
It is wonderful.
Much better to bathe in hot water when it's getting chilly out :-)

We think we should call a Marvel Hill Holiday to commemorate...
"The week we got hot water in the house."


Lady Jess said...

hahaha Praise the Lord for hot water! :D

Shauna said...

That is worth a holiday! I'm still anxiously awaiting the day we can boast bacteria free water we can bathe the children in -that will be a holiday for sure.
So excited for you!

Momma Bug said...

Bacteria - schmacteria!

Diane said...

Hurray! Yes, a Hot-water Holiday sounds like a good one to me. Enjoy those nice long hot showers Lene!