Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 weeks left

And I am well.

New Tea I like :-)

School and chores keep my time filled completely
and then I nest when I can grab snippets of time here and there.
Purging toys, sorting clothes, putting together birth supplies
washing tiny baby things, dreaming....
And sleeping at night (?!)
If you ask me if I'm ready - yes.
I'm ready to hold this baby in my arms!
But since I am sleeping 8 hours a stretch at night
and not waking with back spasms;
since I am able to roll out of bed in the morning in less than a minute
and can step into the legs of my PJ's;
since I can see my ankles and wear most my clothes still...
I can't possibly be miserable enough to actually go into labor!
I suppose I could become miserable at the turn of one day,
but I'm not hoping (or asking) for it :-D
In the moments that aren't consumed with "doing"
I am trying to grasp the very great honor it will be to
worship my Lord in laboring to bring forth this life.
To remember that He delights in me
and has shown me great favor.
That labor is one relatively short step to accomplishing my hearts desire:
meeting my tiny love.
Not long now!


Pam... said...

You are either a saint, or not truly miserable enough to be ready. Be sure to check your pop up timer. That is the true way to know when you are 'done'!

Don't forget in your anticipation, to enjoy the 'last days' of being a mom with the six you know. Savor the end of that season with the six. (Six, right?)Remember, you have all the baby and associated paraphanelia contained into one warm bundle! Baby is fed, comfy, and ready for travel! How easy!

We like to record their guesses in a book: "Krista guesses a girl, and 8 pounds...", etc. How fun to look back on later. And the winner would get a reward!

Take care and keep that chin up, little sis.

LindaFaye said...

I can't wait to hear all about it.

Cinnamon said...

I love the smoochy cheeks picture! Too sweet~

I agree with Pam, remember this time with your other children. Not that you don't but it all changes in just a moment.

For me life changed when I had number 5 and when we had #10. I am praying for a quick, worship filled labor and that this new little bundle with be healthy.

I am excited right along with you as you enter your last weeks. I'll be keeping watch and keeping you in my prayers dear friend~

I would love to send you a care package if you don't mind. Just let me know~


Momma Bug said...

THANK you dear ladies who know!

Pam, I am no saint, and I was having back spasms a few months ago which come and go in the night even when I am not pregnant, so... I am going to credit the herbal mineral with Calcium and Magnesium.
I'm also taking Vitamin D3 which I think is doing some good.
You're probably right though, my pop-up is still showing that things are cooking :-)

in 5 out of 6 I was "on time" within 3 days around the due date.
And my 3rd baby was 2 weeks early.
I keep expecting to be "on time" this time, but it occurred to me that this might get to be the first baby that's 12 days over due.
Wouldn't THAT be fun?
But I deserve it.

My mom was always very overdue until her 7th and last.
Since she was due a week after my brother's birthday, she gave him a party the week before.
Of course that's when she went into labor!
So baby 7, my sweet sister Mattie, was born 2 weeks early breaking the previous program!
I'm no dummy. I expect, and then I expect the unexpected.

I'm glad that none of it takes the Lord by surprise. That is a comfort :-)

Cinnamon, I would be delighted to email - did you get a couple emails from me? If not, do you think your computer is censoring them as spam?
Let me know and I'll try again and send you an address too.

Love love LOVE you women I've never "met"
and thank you again.


Cinnamon said...

Hello sweet expecting Mama :-)

I have not received any emails :-( I've been checking my spam and didn't see one from you. Hmmmm, are you on facebook? You could friend me and we could try that way if email doesn't work? Just thinking outloud~

hugs~ Cinnamon

Cinnamon said...

Hello again :-) I'm wondering if you got my email? Since I didn't get yours maybe you didn't get mine? I sent it a few days ago.

Hoping you had a wonderful wknd!


Cinnamon said...

Okay - I don't know why I am not getting your weird!!

I checked my spam - empty folder right now - so you're not in there. I went back and checked 177 emails that have been dumped into the trash from my spam in the past. You're not there.

So where are you? heehee

Do you have a Facebook account? I do. I'm under Cinnamon Kerschner. We can send emails that way. I guess we could also talk this way and just keep deleting each others messages after we read them...:-)

Boy I didn't know this was going to be so tough. So strange :-/

Well I'm up for just a bit before I go snuggle in with rosie dear so I thought I'd write back real quick.

~hugs~ Cinnamon