Friday, April 29, 2011

Finding Joy...and other favorite things

I decided to join my new friend Rachel at Finding Joy for her "Friday Favorite Things" this week.
I have quite a few favorite things on any day of the week, and I do love looking for (and finding) joy!

I always appreciate Rachel's lists and photos; her heart and perspective. 
It resonates with mine for sure!

friday favorite things | finding joy

Delight with me in finding joy this Friday....

Last night I woke at 2am to nurse Aloria.  Her tummy didn't appreciate the beans I ate
for dinner, and so I spent a little time patting her back and putting gentle pressure on her tummy.
Finally, when she had been peaceful for a bit of time I lay her down so I could sleep.
Looking at the clock before I shut my eyes I chuckled because it was 4am - I knew she'd
be waking up again any moment!  I must have shut my eyes, and THAT is the theme and variation
of my life: Don't blink.

When I pried my bloodshot eyes open this morning I asked my beloved
"Did you order snow for May Day?"
Because this was the view off my back porch.

A little later, the girls and I had a little party on my bed when we decided to stamp
Aloria's foot prints on her decorative birth certificate.

Then...(drumroll please) the sisters dressed her!

Snaps are HARD!

But they were conquered with fortitude and perseverance.
(And some gnashing of teeth)

It appears that Carolina is plumb worn out from the experience!

Four girls!

The mornings snow has mostly melted off now, and it's very drippy outside.  It makes for a very cozy
day for a fire in the wood stove and maybe a candle or two.  Certainly not the April weather I grew up with!
I like it anyway.  It's perfect for hunkering down with a new baby.  We in our den, like bears not yet out of
Winter hibernation.

I can hardly take my eyes off this new display of God's miraculous creative work!
Aloria and I are really enjoying getting to know one another.
This is what I spend countless moments gazing at - trying not to blink.

She's pretty perfect.
Just like her big brothers and sisters:-)


Mama K. said...

Awww! She's getting cuter every day! Wish i could snuggle-buggle with her for a bit. :)

Julze said...

aww...she's so those chubby cheeks. What a gorgeous blessing!

SarahS said...

She's amazing:)

Kelley said...

oh my goodness! that view off your back porch! breathtaking! and all those girls...priceless. love it! said...

Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL BABY ALORIA!! Much rejoicing :-) Oh i am so glad it all went good ann she is just so precious!! You've gotta be thrilled. Praise The Lord!!

Rachel said...

Oh me oh my -- newborn feet. Those are TRULY one of my FAVORITE THINGS. I think the Lord really blesses us with those little feet. And your Aloria? Absolutely adorable.

We had a similar view as you. Today, at least, it is sunny. And warmer. :)

Thank you for linking up. You are so sweet with your kind words.

Blessings on your day.