Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Birthday

Me an' Mom (Thank you for my Birthday calls Mom O' mine!)

It was lovely.
I got birthday cards galore from all my children!
And phone calls from:
Dad L
Mom L
Molly, Nick, and Lydi
Kelli R...

I got Starbucks.

And I got to pick up my Beloved at the airport *sigh*

Went to Hobby Lobby (which I didn't know we HAD West of the Rockies!)
And Target.
Tell me, what could be better than that?
Oh yeah, I got a vacuum cleaner!!! (though I think that was more of a coincidence, not so much a birthday present - HA!)
I was treated to lunch out,
and then my day was topped off with dinner at Char and Hannah's!
(complete with chocolate cake resplendent in mocha frosting and 32 candles)

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all your well-wishes and calls!
I am so thankful for a little more time to 
revel in the Lord's daily mercies :-)


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Analene!! May the Lord richly bless you this coming year! ((((hug))))

Tracy L.

Pam... said...


Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful birthday (minus the vac) :-)

Sweet sweet birthday wishes from me to you!!


Julze said...

Happy Birthday and God bless! Sounds like a real special day :-)

SarahS said...

Happy Birthday :)