Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soaking it all in

It's not that I am so organized, or diligent, or amazing.
I get these recent pictures and posts up for two reasons:
1) For the grandma's and aunties and all the family far from us in body.
2) Because AJ and the children are running the home so I can rest.

Which is what I've been doing.  Rest is good.  Aloria is pretty good at it too:-)
She's been nothing but a pleasure.  Well, that and a wonder.
Each of my other children too, as I see them rise to new challenges and embrace things that are hard
or not fun (such as doing the necessary chores to keep things afloat).
Zachary has been cooking for us.  He even made a grocery list and Dad took the 6 big kids shopping
(everyone knows that grocery shopping with dad is FUN!  It's a whole different ball game.).
Here's last night's dinner of fajitas - well done my son!

Tonight he made hamburgers and green jello and took them up the hill to share with cousins.

The Bugletts climb up on the bed all through the day to cuddle and read, and admire sister.
It's been delightful to see their love and devotion to her already.

I am soaking in every moment with Aloria in these first few days.  I love it.
There have been the usual hormones and pains that go with the package,
but these are the memories to savor.  They are the ones I want to keep with me always:-)


Sally said...

Loveit, loveit, loveit!!! Can't wait to see it all in person!


Pam... said...

As my teens would say "Schweeeet!"

Tracy said...

Analene!!! Thank you for the privilege of a little peek of your precious new bundle of joy!! I am a new grandma to a very special baby girl...I know about cheek smooching!!! Aaaahhhh....


LindaFaye said...

A very good brother indeed. ;) Too precious.

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Life is beautiful....just beautiful.

SarahS said...

Too, too precious!! I love the videos of Bryce:) He's so adorable. It's fun to see him talking.

Cinnamon said...

Analene~ How are you doing? Sounds like you are getting rest and are being fed some wonderful meals made with loving hands. How sweet that is!

Your picture at the end of sweet Aloria all wrapped up in her blanket is priceless. Do you print out pictures and decorate your home with them. That one is a keeper ♥

What a sweet video. I love how he touches his new baby sister so delicately and looks at her so intently as if inspecting her. What preciousness you are surrounded by, dear Mama. How close are they in age?

Sending you some goodies soon!

p.s so glad you got the letter!! I was a little concerned it might be like our emails....lost in space:-)

Mama K. said...

Those pictures are so precious! Glad to hear you are getting rest and special time with Aloria.