Monday, April 11, 2011

I can't help it

Ahhh... some of my favorite subject matter!

I suppose I have other things to take pictures of. 
Other things to write about.
But this is my life.  Cammo and Polka Dots.
Messy faces.
Messy floors.
Brown tinted door jams at that 3-4 foot level
where dirty fingers
leave dirty hand prints on the walls.
Dust Bunnies pop out from under bookcases just to whisper
"we are evidence of a more important work going on here than house-cleaning!"
And when I take time to hear their message, I am actually glad of their presence.

These days at Marvel Hill see the dawn of a new era.
My  number 1 has learned to wash dishes well. 
I am training the second batch of dish-washers now and all parties are excited...
...for this short novel moment.
Zack loves to cook.  He loves to bake.  He can follow a recipe, and can improvise quite well too.
He's learned to clean up after himself, and actually wants to make dinners and breakfasts
so I am putting him on the job.
He's earned it, and it will be good to have cleaner-uppers for the after dinner chores
to take the load off him.
I'm excited too!
Training is hard work.  I don't like the part where I have to follow through.
I have to instruct.
Keep workers on task.
Check progress
and check "completed" work ;-)
But the fruit sure is sweet!  It's nice to have a bite of it now and again.

The younger ones are getting quite good at clearing the table, wiping it down, etc.
Because of these changes in daily dynamic
I am looking forward to this next baby's birth with the easy knowledge
that my home can be run well-enough
people will be fed
and messes mitigated
to a point where I can recover without fear of the house coming down around my ears:-)
Isn't that something?!

Yep.  The more I think about it,
There's really no better subject matter to brag write about.
These little snippets of cammo and polka dot are pretty wonderful.

Even if I do say so myself :-)


Cinnamon said...

I love Camo and Polka dots!!!

It is a blessing to have helpers, cleaners, watchers of little ones. I am so thankful for my older ones. Just think in 5 yrs your little helpers will be big helpers :-)

You are so blessed!

p.s. your description of the door handle area, "brown tinted", oh that's sooo my house!

SarahS said...

Hurray for helpers of all sizes:) I was wondering the other day how I ever used to get ready for a trip on time without my boys teaming up to help out!