Monday, April 18, 2011

WHO'S Nesting?

I am pretty relaxed about the baby's arrival this time, but usually
there is something I get fixated on that makes me anxious until it's "ready"
for baby BEFORE baby gets here.
With Zachary it was having "his" room completely remodeled.
With Clayton it was having an area rug for the wood floor in the boys room.
With Susanna... there was something, I'm sure.
With Olivia it was was getting doors on the bathroom cupboards.
With Carolina it was finishing OUR bedroom.
With Bryce I wanted AJ to build me a co-sleeper.

Bryce arrived the night it was made and set up by our bed.

This baby?  We have everything.  Or... if we don't we'll survive.
(It occurs to me that I should dig out the infant car seat at some point
- just in case I need it right away!)

It has felt so wonderful to not get all tied up in needing to have something done,
but I've never really needed that something done.  Some of those things mentioned above
didn't happen before baby came and guess what?
Baby came anyway.
They have a way of doing that.
Something about pregnancy hormones just overtook my vision and all I could see was
this one thing I was determined to have done! It was an obsession, and usually one I could
not accomplish on my own.

Don't mistake me, there are things still to get done this time around.
I need another co-sleeper built, but I figure it will happen.  Eventually.
I usually sleep baby on my chest for a few nights anyway just to hear him/her breath.
I just don't have that overwhelming hormonal overdrive!

There IS someone nesting though...

getting wrapped up in several projects at once.
This, is a closet in the front porch to house jackets, hats, mittens, boots...
Fishing poles, machetes, canteens, BB guns, shovels, saws... you name it,
it's supposed to fit into this closet.
Personally it doesn't look quite big enough to me (nor in the shape of a co-sleeper),
 but I'm thrilled about it nonetheless!  I can't wait to remove the jacket stack from my living room!

And this?  This is a new sink and vanity in our new pantry, just next to my new dryer...
It is the second ever sink in our house (!) and will accommodate hand washing for the
toilet traffic, and also teeth-brushing which means I can remove 8 tooth brushes from
where they currently reside in my kitchen. 
I'm looking forward to that :-)
There are other things too, such as some LED lighting that turns on with a switch,
and a fan that removes stink from afore-said toilet room.
(it's the little things in life!).

You know, I have been feeling so good for being nine months pregnant!
Still one week left until my actual due date, but I am sleeping all night,
only ONE bathroom call if any (what is the secret to THAT?!),
no back spasms, and very very little heartburn.  Wow.  Just wow.

So anyway, I don't know if my Great Guy is nesting in sympathy for me
or if Spring has begun tickling the senses, but whatever it is we are DOING stuff
around here!
Thanks, my Great Guy - you are the best :-)


Christabelle said...

This made me smile! I'm so pleased to hear things are going well! Love from here.


Julze said...

YAY for hubby getting building projects done (even if they aren't quite what you are hoping for)

I'm glad you are doing so well in your last week of pregnancy :-) Funny little things, those hormones LOL!

Pam... said...

Wow. Birds that are nesting have much simpler urges! Just a bit of thatch there and a bit of soft fluff over here!
Hang in there! ps. baby looks crooked. maybe you need a v8!

SarahS said...

Wow! Seriously! :) What a blessing that you are feeling so well. And sleeping!! Yay:)

Momma Bug said...

Yeah, that picture is now a couple weeks old and I was definitely sitting crooked if nothing else!
My midwife says baby is head down, which is my primary interest. I usually have bad back labor, so does that mean baby is sunny side up for most of the labor?
Always comes out facing the "right" direction!
Despite how well things are going,
Baby, COME OUT!!

Thank you Christabelle - thank all of you ladies!

Pam... said...

Baby can be head down and have it's back by your back (sunnyside,posterior = back labor), or it can be head down and have it's back lined up at your belly button. Before turning right or left, the face will either be looking toward your back or toward your front. If toward your front, it's posterior. No biggie, just more ouchies and a longer labor.

Sorry you have back labor. Have you a tub that can have lots of warm water in it? Also, being on all fours helps.

Cinnamon said...

Momma Bug, you make a lovely Momma in waiting! Soon your picture will include one more dumpling that you cherish ♥

My little dumpling is right here next to me, wiggling, fussing, she's ready for me, again. Even though I just fed her she's needing me again. I think the Lord just wants us to spend LOTS of extra time together :-)

I think your husband is nesting with a heart full of LOVE for YOU. Every time I see your pictures of him, in his work area, with a tool in his hand, I think of my husband. I *love* to watch him work, with the smell of sawdust in the room and his tool bags hanging off his hips. Sweet memories.

One more week till you're due!! I'm so excited for you!! Will you have help there for the children? Do you have family nearby?

I would *love* to come and play with the kids while you rest after having the baby and visit with you maybe even snuggle that little dumpling. Sweet times.

Of course that's not going to happen :-( so instead of pouting I've been collecting goodies for your kiddos to enjoy. Be sending them soon.

hugs to you~ Cinnamon

Momma Bug said...

You bless me SO, Cinnamon.

I quite often forget that my beloved husband sees past my hormones and knows what things I'll be truly thankful for (such as children being able to wash hands unassisted) in the long-er run :-)
He has that foresight and doesn't even "tell me what for" when I'm obsessing on things like co-sleepers!
He is more than a good man - he is the best.
I can't wait until your John is once again working on sawdust producing projects and you can keep him company with something to sip on while you enjoy taking in the scene of work clothes, callouses, and tool belt:-)

I hear you on the revamping. I like to work on those kinds of things while AJ is out of town - extra incentive having that deadline! But let that 10-baby-body rest. There may or may not come a tomorrow so snuggle away that "dumpling" of yours while I jealously await the arrival of mine!

Love you back:-)

Momma Bug said...

Dearest of Pams,

I have been blessed with great labors for every single baby birth so far.
Back labor has been greatly relieved for me by a gracious husband who puts a LOT of downward pressure on my back while I am sitting on a birth stool or something like it.
Thankfully labor is of a duration (though not always something I remember just before it starts!)
and the result has ALWAYS ALWAYS been worth the effort - yes?!

Love to you,