Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It was like deja-vu.
Little boy, one and a half years old, - wearing that same Water Ways sweatshirt even!
We got this book for Zack, and he was fascinated even at that young age.
It's called Heavy Equipment and is full of pictures of the biggest earth moving equipment
a person could ever hope to see in one place.  I am amazed still, but it has been one of the most
enduring favorites on our shelf, and today Bryce was introduced.

Zachary is such a great big brother and the right person to sit and point out all the important parts.
I was entertained and thoroughly enjoyed myself!
I bet Bryce's vocabulary grew quite a bit today - just looking at this book with his brother:-)


Tracy said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! Boys will be boys! I have three of them all now grown. :-) The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. LOL!


Momma Bug said...

That is certainly true! It's much easier to buy birthday presents before the age of 10, and after that you'd better just learn to smile and enjoy their own purchases ;-D

Blessings back upon you dear friend!

Courtney said...

:D He is so cute!! I love his gasps! I am glad you have that on video! I can't wait to see your newest addition. Love you friend, Me

Sally said...

Oh my goodness--Loved, Loved, Loved the video clip....wish it had gone on and on. Made my gramz-heart even more hungry to see you all again...!


Julze said... CUTE! I love how enthusiastic boys are about boy-things...having my son totally opened up my girl-eyes to them LOL!

Pam... said...

Too funny!

Courtney said...

I had to come back and watch the video again :) I wish it was longer!

Sally said...

Me too, Courtney!

Lauren said...

So much fun! Tait's loved introducing the little guys to some of his favorites when he was little - animal encyclopedias, IWitness books, and Richard Scarry. : ) It looks like Little Tait and Miles have inherited their daddy's love of books. :D

It's so neat seeing how your older ones interact with your younger ones! Definitely gives something to look forward to! : )

Momma Bug said...

I'm VERY blessed by my children and how they treat each other.
I'd like to be their friend, but I have Adam-Jon (AJ). It' more important to me that they are best friends with one another - I hope that will carry throughout their lives when I can't be there:-)

Mama K. said...

Little Bryce is such a cutie-patootie!!! Me and the girls watched it together and then on her own, McKenna had to watch several more times. :) Love it!