Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Food For Thought...

Miss Carolina is discovering her hands. It makes me to laugh to see her cross-eyed as she stares intently at the curious objects in front of her! She works so hard at something seemingly insignificant. Hmmm... do I do that?

In answer to those who asked about this new church, we've only gone twice, so time will give us more information to share with you.
The children are called up front to participate in part of the service catered just to them, but for most the two hours they sit with their families.
There is a subtle buzz in a room full of wiggly little ones, but I find it to be less distracting than a perfectly quiet sanctuary where one infant cries out.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the idea, let me say that from the start of our parenting careers we (AJ and I) have believed in the importance of having our children with us in church.

1) Who's job is it to impart Biblical instruction and understanding to our children?

2)I don't go to church to "have a break" from my children.

3)I want them to be able to sit for a couple hours - self-control will be a lifelong tool!

4)I prefer not to leave my children in the influence of others, unattended by me (be it other children, OR adults, and I'll let you to chew on that yourself).

For our family, sitting together is an extension of everything else we do. We do everything together, and it builds unity and purpose for our family when we share our lives with our children in this way.
I sometimes allow my girls to bring a baby doll, and occasionally the boys get to bring a pen and notepad.
I do make a point to practice sitting still several times a week for an hour, to hour and a half each time. At these times I might read to the children, put on the Bible on CD, or some good Bible teaching.
I require the little Bugs to not talk, and to sit as still as I see reasonable. This training pays off across the board: Just this Summer a couple old guys annonamously paid our dinner bill at a nice restraunt where we ate - they enjoyed watching US enjoy our well behaved children!!
Personally, I think THAT is a real testimony of what sets us apart as followers of Christ Jesus.

(I will add the humble disclaimer that I am always grateful when others get to witness the GOOD fruit of our labors, and not the inevitable sinned nature that often shows up instead!)

God is very gracious indeed! I'd love to hear your thoughts:-)


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

I am so very proud of you!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

lol...Sure sis...but I thought YOU were the pro at this...where does THAT leave us! lol
It is pretty easy...when you are loading or browsing a photo to use on your site from your computer... there are some options like left, right or middle (that is the placement on your page of the photo) well..I think you already know that, but you should also see, if you look close, options that you check a box to decide...they are large, medium or small...this will choose the size of the photo...EASY huh! That is why I figured it out! lol... Now, can you explain to me what linking a site does and how to do it? I have been thinking that there MUST be some sort of address book of people who's sites you want to easily check up on? Or some easier way to look them up??? (when you are already on your blog?) yeah?
Love you!

Mommy Reg said...

I am so excited you found a church that has the little ones stay in service. That is so awesome because of how rare it is. Did you see that I wrote a post about kids in church just the other day?