Saturday, February 9, 2008

Too Pink, You Think?

Hmmm. This may be a bit too pink for my taste, but it is the month of hearts and other such foof, so you may have to put up with it a while longer.

Well it seems that my fellow bloggers have had a rough day, so it is up to me to be a bastian of light and hope for my sisters! (I'm glad it's not Friday too, Super Momma, and I'll thank you for NOT sharing your chicken pox with my family!)
So much for the "Life Application Skills" day (That's what Friday's are supposed to be). I settled for having it just be a "Survive Through The Rest of It" day, and thankfully I
met that criteria!

One of the things that redeemed my day yesterday was making breakfast with Clay. At the beginning of the week he asked if we could "make fried eggs on Friday, because they both have 'Fri' in them!".

The other fun things were having AJ help with the kitchen painting (the places I can't reach), and then having Gabe over for dinner. In case you didn't know, (and I'm only telling you because there are no secrets with that man) he has a very exciting love life right now and might actually hook the girl! - Personally, I've always thought it might happen sooner if he expanded his criteria to include girls over twenty! (Love you Gabe!) The Lord's ways are perfect:-)

Today our family went shopping. Yes, I know that sounds very thrilling - taking five small children grocery shopping, but... we actually had a nice time.

We tried out a different Costco and found it to be much nicer (though it is farther away) than the one we usually frequent. AJ found the office chair he was looking for, and found out that the one they had was a return, they don't stock it anymore, and gave him a $50 discount! THANKS LORD!
We also discovered a bread store in the vicinity, and a Whole Foods store. THAT was a fun stop! They have so much cool stuff you can't find anywhere else. Their bulk foods isle had a ton of variety, and besides some nuts and grains, I bought some cacao nibs -just because I wanted to try them! We didn't buy too much though, they were a little out of budget at $20 a pound;-)

AJ said it would be worth driving to that part of town once every few weeks - there were so many good stores on that stretch of road (you can understand that to mean there was a Sportsman's Warehouse, an REI, and a Starbucks - what else does a guy really need, right Uncle Hightower?!!)

Well... even though we haven't finished painting the kitchen, we stopped and bought two more colors of paint for the next two projects! Just couldn't help ourselves;-}
We also got pillows for the pillowcases Gramsie has on the way, and a bulletin board for tacking up a few of my favorite faces!

I took Sue to the park next door to try out the slide (she's my "slide girl", and has wanted to get over there for the past several months). We had a nice little walk over and back, but there was still quite a lot of snow in the playground, and even though the play equipment seemed dry enough, her overalls stuck to the slide and she had to inch her way down! What a let-down! She was a good sport anyway, but is now trying to talk me into finding
another park with a
better slide!
Sometimes I feel so worn out from having to solve such complicating problems!!!=P
Oh well, all in a days work for a momma bug, I guess!

I should probably stop here. I seem to be having too much fun:-)
If I can't post my photo's in this blog, go to the bottom of the page for new photos. My program has been giving me fits!
-By the way, Super Momma, my computer read the hyroglyphics you sent back to me for an example (are you sure you're not delirious? just though I'd check).
Tee-hee!! I realize you haven't been having quite enough sugar, and thought..........


Love to you each,
Momma of the Love Bug clan:-)

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2homeschool said...

I had a slurppy and two candy necklesses last night at the show. My sugar level is just fine at the momment, and nope its still hyrogliphics... I even had spencer look at it. Nope my computer can not read two of your interies.