Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who... MY Children?!!

Today was our first solo outing since arriving in Colorado two and a half weeks ago.

I took the little Buglets to Target (my favorite store!) for a few things I needed, but also to browse.

"browsing" is one of the worst things to children, and because of that, it's usually not too fun for mom either.
However, my options were rather limited. It was either: take them and go, or... well the other choice wasn't an option today.

So the boys completed their math assignments before 9:00 this morning, and with breakfast eaten, and baby fed, we loaded up!
I bet we spent two hours in that store, and I was very aware that we were drawing a lot of attention (the cart was especially full with two babies, and lots of "stuff", for one thing).

My little Bugs were AWESOME!!! So patient and well behaved. They stayed near; behind me without blocking the isle; I hardly heard a complaint, and didn't even bribe them!!! (Bribery is against my scruples, by the way)
I'd like to take credit for my hard work in training, but I know who really deserves the credit - thank YOU Lord!

Okay so here's the fun part (brag brag); When I was checking out, I had all four bigger Bugs stand in a row next to the food court in front of the check-outs. My cashier was so impressed, she couldn't stop commenting.

Then, another young mom went out of her way to get my attention and said "If I could get mine to behave that well, I could imagine having five!"

As I was trying to get out the door I was accosted by another cashier who left her station to grab my cart "I just can't believe how well behaved those children are! I was commenting to this lady at my check-out, and she said 'I know, and I've been watching her through the whole store, and they were that great the whole time!'"
AS I was finally getting loose, a customer in line congratulated me with wonderment on her face!

So, don't you think that was worth bragging about?
I was positively glowing as I left the store!
I even took my children to lunch to commended them for their excellence!!

I hardly have anything else to add. That story just eclipsed the rest of the day:-)

I love YOU, Little Bugs!!!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Wow Sis! I am proud of you too! What an example of Gods strength and possibilities!!! To live a life that shines of something MUCH bigger then ones self, or selves! lol
To share of Gods love and if needed use words too! =)
Praise God Sis! Praise God!!!!
Good job little ones!!!!! uncle Nick and Auntie Moll are SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
We miss you guys and are praying for you! We love you!!!! H U G S !

2homeschool said...

Good Job Little Bugs!

Good Job Momma & Daddy Bugs!

We have been off the sugar for a while. Yesterday the kids went to church. The church gave them sugar and then complained to me about their hyperactivaty... Hmmm... Yeah. Brilance!

I guess part of it would be my falt for not adressing it before it became an issue. The teacher had no idea that they don't get sugar anymore. Oh well. One time of hyperactivity wont kill the teachers.

Mommy Reg said...

Don't you just love that feeling when you see the reward for all our extremely hard work in training!?!
I am so very excited that you found my blog and I know exactly who the friend your sister was talking about. I love how God puts everything together. You have been on my mind lately7 and I was wondering how you were doing. Now, I don't have to wonder. :) Many blessings to you! Talk to you soon. :)