Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Goings-on

Little monkey at the top of the ladder (Daddy was at the bottom). He has been wanting to climb on Uncle Wyatt's banister so bad! If not that... the couch?
Uncle Wyatt doesn't have a tree worth climbing, and Clayton's been suggesting a climbing wall "like Uncle Charlie's", but in the mean-time I hope to make some friends that have some good out door playing!

We got to church this week, and once again really enjoyed ourselves! My head is spinning with the accumulation of so many new names and faces - I'm just glad that people have been generous enough to come say hello!
There's Gina-who-has-four-girls, and a-new-baby-boy (her husband makes rocket parts for NASA?), then there's Lori and Scott -who-have-the-family-of-eight-children-and-take-up-a -whole-row! Amber and Mark, Scott and Kimberly, Mike and Trish, Len and Holly, Carrie and Scott (there's a lot of Scott's at this church, huh?!)
Anyway, you get the idea.

Here at the house, a Contractor was working away at the garage door today. We are having it extended upwards so we can park the van inside. Apparently the neighborhood is likely to complain if there is a honkin' oversized van parked in front of Wyatt's house all the time. I suggested we just tint the windows darker, and get the Mercedes emblem kit, then we could look a little more posh in keeping with the Jones's! Unfortunately my idea fell on
two sets of deaf ears. There goes my final attempt at those fancy rims... O'well =o)

Please take note of my little Olie brushing her teeth, and Susie helping me make pancakes this morning.
Also, the last picture is of my number one son voluntarily washing all the dishes in the sink after breakfast! What a guy!

Well, on to the next thing! Duty and honor calls (not to mention a very stinky diaper that has insisted on residing next to my desk chair these past ten minutes!!)



Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Wow...You guys are doing a lot of new things! I can not WAIT to have a wall to paint... Nick and I joke about it all the time..The silly thing that I look forward to the most is having MY OWN WALL TO PAINT!!! lol
Nicks are things like a dog ect
So, mom is comin to stay with you for a little bit I hear...From when to when?
Can you believe our little sister is almost 18! and Miss Grace our BABY, is going to be 15 THIS YEAR!!!! Crazy!
Uncle Nick and I love LOVE love you guys! sooo much!

2homeschool said...

I noticed the painting… all very nice. Try any new recipes recently? I tried a granola recipe… Uck! My mom has one from a friend, I hope to maybe try this week, we will see. I am expecting a hard week, so you may not see as much of me for a little while. I will try and touch base when I can. Thanks for the prayers. ~H

The Diane Story said...

Hello Analine. Just wanted to say "hi". I am Molly's "friend of a friend" who sent you to Jamie's blog, Mommyhood Adventures. When you commented her and told her Molly had sent you, she called me and was like "that's the Molly you've been talking about...Analine went to our church" It is SUCH a small world!

Anyway, your kids are super cute! Molly sent me the link to your blog...she is such a proud Aunty. I LOVE your sister!