Friday, February 22, 2008

A Lighter Me!

Howdy! I took advantage of Grama's presence to get out for a hair trim. I really DO feel a lot lighter, but I'm happy to have a change, and I could justify it because I donated ten inches to Locks of Love. This is the second time in less than two years, so that should give you an idea how fast my hair grows!
I also didn't feel too bad because when AJ was handing over the cash for this luxury, his words were "They'd better take 45 dollars worth!"
For those of you who know my husbands preference for long hair, this would sound a little out of character!! (He wouldn't put it in writing, however).

We also took advantage of our babysitter to enjoy a date. We went to Landry's seafood restraunt and ordered the crab feast to share. The food was pretty good, but the company was even better!!
After that we went furniture shopping. I actually really enjoy this kind of date, as furniture shopping is just not the same with five buglets along! It's always fun to get the "oh how cute" and "just you wait" comments and looks from the people who assume we are new parents (we took Carolina with us).
I don't mind. It's one of the small pleasures in life to see them reel when we mention that we have four more at home!:-)
Another reason I like furniture shopping? It involves a lot of sitting and visiting - who could ask for more?!
Like I said, it's the little things...


2homeschool said...

Mar-vo-lus dear you look simply Mar-vo lus!

A DATE!!! How WONDERFUL! Sigh...


Mommy Reg said...

It's so short! I don't think I have ever seen you with short hair. You look great. I had Angela cut mine a few months ago and I am starting to think I like it just below the shoulder instead of longer as it is growing out (of course) and I can feel the difference in weight. I love it - your haircut that is. :)

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

wow! It is strange...I had to look and look, because I knew it was you, and
Way to go and be adventurous sis! =)
I am so glad you gave to locks of love! What a GREAT thing! Way to go sis!
I love ya.

I would love to hear from you too! jk
Hope your having a good time with mom . Sounds like your man took you out for a wonderful time!Way to go AJ!