Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SNOW: Better from the Inside!

Mushy brain tonight!

The children got to get outside today. They still see the snow as an inconvenience, so other than stomping through it enough to get their boots caked with it, and touching it enough to turn their little finger into ice cubes, they haven't had much to do with it!

It was a good day for schoolwork, and a little house cleaning.

Also, do you want to see a couple of Carolina's scrapbook pages? That was last evenings project, and I'm making a good dent in the photos.
It feels great to be able to check one more thing off the list!

Now if I can just get her birth announcement done...


2homeschool said...

I LOVE your scrapbook pages, they are Fab-Tab-U-Lus. ~H

2homeschool said...

Ps. Best way for them to know what to do with the snow is for the adult to show them. In otherwords, SNOWFIGHT!