Monday, February 4, 2008

School Anyone?

WHEW! I don't know about the children, but Mom's tired out!
Today we started a new schedule in an attempt to fill our days a little more efficiently.
I will incorporate our Hymn singing, Bible reading, Literature, and Reading practice with both boys, into
each day.
Then two days a week we'll focus on Spelling, Printing, Copy-work, and Creative writing (stories, and letters); two days a week we'll focus on Math; and Fridays will be Life Application skills ie. anything we can learn in a practical hands-on setting. We'll probably hit Geography, Home Ec., History, and trivial things we can enjoy exploring on the computer.

This morning we were successful in our ventures with the exception of Spelling - I'm not sure how much I should expect of the boys (they definitely decided that writing out a bunch of words for no obvious reason was WORK!). It just so happens that some parts of life are that way... and even
I have a hard time accepting that!

Anyway, Zack wanted to find out about Iodine, since his cantine has a pouch for iodine tablets. We had fun reading a little about it on line, and then Giardia, and that led to the some trivia on Small Intestine (did you know that a 5 year old's small intestine is 21 feet long?!). Now
THAT'S what I call school!!!

As you can see by the pictures, Olivia LOVES to read - I'm not sure how she does it upside down, but I guess that's not so important at this point:-)

Everyone sends their love, as always!
-Momma Love Bug


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Well. Nick and very much enjoyed reading about your day! We were not able to get the video clip to play (I don't know if that is on my end or yours?
We love you guys!

Heather said...

Ok, so I am still getting used to thing. AAHH! I mean to put my last comment here. Some how, I ended up somewhere else. Opps. Anyhow, I am afraid I have yet to learn how to read hyrogliphics,.. I think something is wrong with your last blog. I love hearing about your day, so I am bummed... I am thinking if you keep this up. I may have to start a blog, but in the meantime I will send you an e-mail soon. ~H