Monday, November 17, 2008

An Enlightening Conversation

I was visiting with my husband the other night, and we had a conversation that went something like this:

ME: "So... I think that all my friends who are big fans of Pride and prejudice, have husbands who really like it too.
I think that's funny since it really IS a chick flick!

(AJ looks at me with raised eyebrows and says nothing)

I continue: "I guess it has Virtue, and integrity... and honor..."

Here AJ interjects: "Nooooo... has HORSES.

And it has DOGS....

it has HUNTING, annnnnd....

it has a POOL TABLE!"

And all this time I thought he liked the dialogue!

I laughed SO HARD! What a guy:-)

You can't fool ME, AJ! I know it's the happy ending you're a sucker for! ;-)


Lady Jess said...

lol, just like a guy right. Give 'em a total "Prince rescues the Princess" story and they hear Prince slays the dragon in a daring battle that lasts for 3.26 minutes. **)

Lady Jess said...

Hi, you have just been tagged