Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ugh! How To Catch Up?!!

Yes, too much to tell of, and not enough time to catch up.
Where to start?
I am going to humor you girls and reveal the name of our place in Idaho.



But first, let me show you what we did this evening to take away our "Gramsie-and-Pops-left-for -the-airport" Blues.

My Daredevils!





These guys are crazy! I'm sure it didn't make them forget their missing you Grams and Pops...
But it helped.

Just a little:-)


Diane said...

Awe. You are such a nice mommy! That looks like SO much fun. Can I come play?!

Momma Bug said...

It dawned on me that I was too busy taking pictures, that I missed the jumping part!
Probably just as well.
It's Uncle Wyatt's guest bed :-)
Besides, I was holding Carolina!

I've invited you already, you know Diane. It's a long drive, but I think you should come :-)

Sisterlisa said...

Time to vote for Momma Bugs Blog!!!!

Diane said...

I'd love to come, I really would. I just don't know when all of our schedules would work. Honestly I would have considered Thanksgiving, except this is the first time in eleven years that my brother is coming for Thanksgiving. So it's kinda a big deal for me to be here. But, I'd love to figure it out some time!

As long as you promise me some jumping

Love ya!

mommaluv said...

We arrived home safe but sleepy a bit after 11PM. Of course I had to check your blog and email before turning out the lights, and our hearts were so cheered by all the antics of the evening and other pics we found there. We had a lovely time, but good-byes are so hard, you was pure joy to see our beloved grandies having such fun before retiring--thankyou, thankyou, Ana-dearest!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the name of your Idaho place!!!

Anonymous said...

i miss you all.
you're on my mind a lot.
i know you have your hands full...
but i just wanted to let you know my hands will become quite full as the retreats draw nearer. i miss you. wish i could blog more of my "daily doings", but duty calls. i must keep my eyes focaused on this path... the straight and narrow.
by the way...
i'm almost finished reading pilgrims progress... almost. i'm trying to take it all in moment by moment.
my quiet time is very quiet,
let me tall ya.
i'm enjoying it very much though.
i wish i had my camera to catch some of the beauty in this "big sky" country.
my heart longs to capture each specific detail of gods creation. oh, bother...
i suppose it would have been much easier to send my crippled camera back to the repair factory.
(unside down smile)
god is good.

i give him all the glory, honor, and praise due his name!

he is a merciful, merciful god!

i love you all so much.
hope all is well!

auntie em