Friday, November 14, 2008

What In The WORLD Child?!!!

I know it's a new rule and everything, but you're old enough to remember
(and maybe even think of on your own!)


I made this discovery upon hearing my name called from the back seat of the van. My first reaction was either the "doggone-it-child-you earned-it" spanking, "or quick grab the camera".
I opted for the latter, and with a good laugh to boot!

I mean, really. What was he thinking?!
Clearly there was very little thinking going on in this case.
After giving this empty .22 casing one good tug, I reconsidered the spanking idea. It appeared likely that the tooth might come out with it.
I. Do not like to be responsible for those kind of things.
Neither the tooth-pulling, nor inventing a plausible explanation for the dentist.
Thankfully neither were necessary, so I indulged in a couple pictures to commemorate the occasion (and for posterity and blackmail purposes if needed), and followed that up with some more laughing!

Truthfully, this was a new one for me - a bullet casing stuck on a tooth (it probably would have been for the dentist too, I bet). But I'm guessing that you could share some of your own "inedible object in the mouth" stories with me to make me feel better. (And as evidence for the dentist that my child isn't the only one out there lacking common sense).

So tell me! pretty please?


2homeschool said...

How about wax ear plugs shoved so deeply into the ear canal that the ENT doctor wasn't quite sure how to get it out. Thank you Lord it wasn't in the ear that had a blown ear drum (which was why I gave him the ear plug in the first place.)

Momma Bug said...

Ewww! GROSS! Yeah, I remember that one. What is it with all these "NEW RULES"?
You'd think a five or eight-ear-old could figure out that's not too bright!

At least an earplug is INTENDED to go in an ear!


Andi said...

How about a dried blueberry up the nose? Well, it didn't stay dry for too long, nasal mucus plumped it up nicely. So nicely in fact that they had to knock her out in order to be able to get to it!

Mommy Reg said...

Please tell me this is the same pic from a few months ago and he didn't do it again.
Hmmm really not so bright things my kids do... ummm I know they do them, I think I try to blank them out so I can live in the illusion that my kids don't do crazy things. Oh wait, there was the time Little Man wanted to see what would happen if he wound Miss Bella's hair in the front propeller. I'll find the pics and post them if I can find them. :)

Ashley said...

Andi, I was thinking of the blueberry story when reading this! Lol.

Momma Bug said...

Yikes everyone!

Yes, I probably did post this picture before. I still makes me laugh though!

I suppose any down-to-earth doctor will laugh with you.
It's the OTHER ones I worry about!