Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thirsty, thirsty People.

There is a serious drought in our nation for families who exhibit the peace and joy of the Lord Jesus.

We went to dinner at Olive Garden tonight, where a woman with a beaming smile came to our table and told us how much she and her husband had enjoyed watching our family.
With great animation, she exclaimed how she got such a kick out of the "little conversations" we were having with the kiddos, and was amazed by their good behavior:-)
She mentioned that she has two nephews that are difficult to take to McDonalds!

AJ and I had a good chuckle in private, as we had endured a difficult shopping trip to Costco earlier in the day. The kind of experience most parents have on occasion (some more often than others).

This woman was so genuinely delighted, and so determined to convey her appreciation of our family, that AJ and I were truly taken aback!
After the couple left, our evening blessing was topped off when we discovered that they had paid for our dinner!
One of the waitresses nearby, told us that in her 36 years of waiting tables, she'd NEVER seen that.
We stopped eating to pray for these two people who were so generous, and all the rest of this evening AJ and I have been shaking our heads.
What we have been chewing on, is the fact that seeing a family enjoy each other - as ours was tonight - is so uncommon.
And not only uncommon, but desired! People WANT to see what they can't believe exsists.
The Love of God live out in practicality.
Not the words of an evangelist, but action in lives they are "spying" on - like ours tonight! We weren't trying to impress anyone, we were just dong what we do. Loving Jesus, and loving each other.

People in this culture are in a drought. A spiritual drought.
They are walking around parched for the Living Water, and they don't even realize it until they witness The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of those who love and serve God.
All of the sudden they see water and are hopeful.

Isn't that why people flocked around Jesus wherever he went?
He offered Living Water.
He IS the Living Water!
There is great hope in the Truth, and people know it - even if they don't understand why.

Oh how humbled I am tonight. I didnt''t get to thank these kind folks, and I didn't tell them that our hope is in Jesus Christ. The Lord knows, and we are praying that He makes Himself known to them.

It is sobering to realize how often we are watched. Especially as a larger-than-average family. People scrutinize us closely trying to fit us into a box. (that, and we are pretty entertaining!)
I'm think we confuse a lot of those people, but as long as they figure out that we are in the "Saved by the blood of Jesus, and living for Him" box, I guess that's all right:-)
I'm asking the Lord to help me do a better job of speaking the reason for my hope, and I also want to be more sensitive to those watching us.
They are thirsty.
Not for water,
not for "a nice Christian family"...
But thirsty for Jesus Christ, the Living Water, and people are thirsty for the hope of salvation.

For the glory of God, I want a piece of the action!


Lady Jess said...

Wow! That is so amazingly wonderful. You all are an encouragement, not only where you are physically but also here on your blog. Thanks for your always so sweet spirit. ;)

Katie said...

That is pretty cool. We do have such a witness with our families and it is neat to hear that someone really noticed you guys. I know that the Lord can meet them right where they are and hopefully He will use your unspoken testimony in their lives. Keep up the good work!

Andi said...

So true.

Diane said...

That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing that Analene.

Angela said...

We just had an experience similar to this at In and Out. A woman stopped to share how wonderful she thought it was to see a family "with so many children" where the children "aren't hanging from the ceiling" during the meal. We were just enjoying our meal together! What you said is true. People aren't thirsty for well behaved children, but for Jesus!