Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ooooh! I want to blog so badly!
We arrived back to our Colorado home last night, and during the drive I thought up half a dozen posts, and today I added another half dozen to that!
Why aren't I writing those NOW? you ask.

Quite obviously I was being responsible and doing load after load of laundry amongst other things thank-you-very-much.

In less than an hour some beloved grandparents are arriving for a weekend visit.
I didn't clean the toilet, but I did get them some fresh towels, and clean sheets - after all, it's not like we've been using that toilet for the last five weeks!

Sooo... all that to say, I won't be a'blogging over the next few days (unless I get a snippet of alone -time - HA!) but I will be feeling very much like the man in the desert crawling over the hot sand toward the ever-evasive mirage.
How I WANT to type, and type, and type. It seems like feast or famine in the realm of creativity, but alas, I cannot seem to coordinate inspiration with free time.
Such is life.

So until then, look forward to hearing about:

*the wasp that I discovered a moment too late,
*what I found in the dryer,
*clever ideas for moms of little ones,
*where to find good cents.
*the last dish-washing episode

And many more! (assuming that is, that I still feel inspired at which point I finally have the time available!)
As I said...

such is life. :-)

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Diane said...

As if you need to another blog to write...I tagged you. And yes...we have BOTH done this previously...but I struggled to think of So if you want to share more quirks...go check out my blog!

Love ya!