Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Minus 2

Those two would be Titus and Carolina, but the rest of this crew was intently watching the Wall.e movie together.

Theses guys (the boys especially) were worn out tonight from jumping on the trampoline in the cold out of doors, and then following that up with an impressive Kung Fu battle!
It was a sight you would have enjoyed, so if I witness such another event (as I surely will with five boys and a load of energy), I will capture it on video for your viewing pleasure! ;-)


Lady Jess said...

I love that movie. We saw it in theaters, and then again yesterday. Love, love love it. So cute.

Molly said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! They LOOK worn out!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

WALL E. is cute. I didn't like it ALL THAT much, but it was adorable. I just wouldn't want to see it again and again. :-)

Raymond used to watch Toy Story EVERY DAY. *barfs at the very mention of Buzz Lightyear*