Saturday, November 1, 2008


One day left to get our act together!

(Some of us have our priorities straight - never too busy to stop for a pomogranite!)

What that means is:

The yard needs to be cleaned up of scrap wood and trash,
Winter clothes pulled out for Winter wearing,
Things packed up for the trip back to Colorado,
Direct vent heater installed,
Pantry finished,
Tools put away,
Upstairs cleaned up and prepared for our arrival back next Spring.
and much, MUCH more! (TOO MUCH!)

One thing I'd like to do is name our place.
Being a romantic, I want to refer to our beloved cabin in the woods as something other than "our Idaho place"
Not that there's anything wrong with that... if you are the kind of person who likes to live in a "place".
I've lived lots of "places" lately and I like the ring of anything that sounds warm and homey.
Remember "HOMEY."

We have some ideas but nothing concrete yet. Want to offer some input?
You've seen pictures in previous posts. One theme that pops up quite a bit is hill, as we are living on a hill here. Have I showed you any pictures of the children flying down this hill full tilt on their wheels?
Scooters, tricycles, dump trucks, wagon... ALL have been seen ripping down this hill.
In fact Clayton told me just today that he was traveling at speeds "1000 miles per hour" or more!
That is just WOW!

Here's some of our ideas:

Hovel Hill (this is AJ's contribution, but it does not have that "warm homey" ring I am looking for!)
Hope Hill
Praise Hill
Humble Hill
Still Hill (not that kind of still!)
Sweet Rest Cabin
WecomeRest Cabin
Cominghome Hill
Hearts-home Hill
I'll tell ya if there are more that come to mind, but this list should give you an idea.

This place feels like rest to me. It is so quiet! (when the children aren't screaming down the hill at 1000 mph, that is)
It is beautiful beautiful home. So sweet, so lovely, daily I breath a sigh of contentment.
The children laugh.
They play all day out of doors daring to show their faces only in quest for food!
The landscape is an explosion of color half the year, and a silent and serene white for the rest of it.
My husband is at home with us. We work all day, then fall asleep sitting upright in front of the fire. We are worn out from trecking up and down the stairs, the hill. From dreaming. From just enjoying today!
Contentment. blissful contentment.
The Lord's gracious gift to our family!

So help me out here;
What is YOUR vote, and if you don't like MY ideas, please leave a comment with an orriginal!
I look forward to your input:-)
Thanks all!


Diane said...


I really like Hope Hill. This just sounds like it goes along with your whole vision (from what I know of it) of moving your family there. You have hope for your family, you are raising hope for your family, you have Hope in God...the list goes on. Plus I think the ring to it is quite nice! I like Humble Hill too, but that is a lot of "l's" and I think Hope just fits everything better. Anyway...that is MY vote!!!!!!!!

Love ya.

Ashley said...

Here's my thoght. Contentment Hill. Well I gotta go. I will think some more!

sallyjanelove said...

How about "Heart's Rest" ?

Momma Bug said...

I think I'm leaning towards Hope Hill Diane, and I like Contentment Hill too.

Thanks Mom!
I like the heart idea.
One thing going against it is we have neighbors down the hill that have a sign out front calling their place Hart Haven with the scripture reference to the Psalms talking about "as the hart panteth for the water..."
I'd like to meet those neighbors one of these days!
I suspect that their last name is Hart, though I wouldn't bet money on it:-)
I just wanted to be original.
I also like something with Haven in it.
This place really is a haven!

Mommy Reg said...

It's so funny that as I was reading the list a friends cabin in Butte Meadows came to mind. It's named Sabbath's Rest. Then, I read that it feels like rest to you. :) I think I like Hidden Rest personally. Take two ideas and put them together.

Suzanne said...

ooo, I love Hidden Hill. That to me sounds like a place very condusive to rest, peace, contentment- all those things.

I think it's a great idea to name your "place!"

Love you!

Andi said...

How about Love's Haven? Seein' as how your last name is Love? Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Analene!
Sorry I haven't been on for a LONG time!
Hope Hill sounds nice!
God bless you!

sallyjanelove said...
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sallyjanelove said...

Oh dear, oh dear--my brain just keeps going on this one, Ana-dear...How about Blessing Hill (Home/Haven/Hideaway...?). I am impressed by all the good suggestions you have been getting from others--I'm sure you will find these a springboard for thinking up the perfect name for your lovely spot in ID.


Anonymous said...

Blessing Hill is nice too..So is Contentment HIll!

Anonymous said...

I love the word Haven too...I'll try to think of something.
Too bad "Ingleside" is already taken! I love the way it sounds.

mommaluv said...

SafeHaven Hill????

Faith Alterton said...

Well, I like the name Hope Hill since it alludes to the greater dreams you have, but I think the name Hidden Hill sounds very pleasant too. Maybe Hidden Haven? Best wishes for the final packing etc!

Diane said...

Ooh. I like Hidden Haven too! Or perhaps you can keep hill too. Hidden Haven Hill!

So fun to think about Analene! Can't wait till you on again and back to blogging!

Momma Bug said...

WOW! You all have really gone above and beyond!
Thanks for all the WONDERFUL ideas, and helpful suggestions:-)
I am enjoying thinking over all the possibilities...

Can't wait to announce what we settle on!

Pray for us yet, to get everything in order for leaving - I know we were supposed to be gone already, but we're not quite.
We will be back to Colorado before Gramsie and Pops arrive, but it may not be too much ahead of them!

Thanks my friends:-)

Diane said...

Perhaps the short name could be "Hidden Haven" and the long name "Hidden Haven on the Hill".

I'm picturing a logo with "Hidden Haven" on top and "on the Hill" on the bottom...and a picture of the cabin sitting on top of the hill in the middle. (Can you tell I am married to a media designer?) lol. that was my random thought for the evening!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Home on our Hill
Cozy Hill Home
Natures Hill
Hilltop escape
Hilltop Home
Loves resting place
Loves Cozy Cove
Hilly Home
Little Hill cottage
Hilltop Home
(some advice...not your children's middle names for fairness sake? and you have to be able to say it like it is a place to go to, not a novel?? Say it like you are going there?) Im thinking...........OK!!!! =)
(I can just picture you saying: "WELL MOLLY!!! WHAT is YOUR GRAND IDEA THEN!!! Well???")

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

PS...I WAS thinking out loud on my comment...I read it over after I posted and realized that I wrote my thought process...I hate some of the ones I ignore the obvious ramblings to think out

Momma Bug said...

I thought your ideas were awesome!
I agree with it needing to be something we'll actually say.
For instance, AJ and I both like Beloved Hill, but he said "but I won't call it that!"
That's rather good to know before hand, don't you think?
Maybe that's too goopy for him to say or something.
Stay tuned, because I think we nailed it down... I wanted to make sure that we would actually CALL our place what we NAMED it.

It is not any of the suggestions above (which I feel is rather unfair), but it is inspired from C.S. Lewis character Emmith in The Last Battle.
Gan you guess it?

Love you!