Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lovely, Just Lovely! (and no i didn't make them)

But YOU can enter here and join me for the chance to win one of these three quilts, or click the button on my sidebar.


I am just recently acquainting myself with Dana and her Old Red Barn Co.
And OH how inspired I get just drooling over the picture!
(Well done Dana!!)

I would certainly love to win one of these lovely quilts, but if I don't YOU should!
And if neither of those things transpire, someone will have to get creative and start sewing this winter!!
(Actually, I have a few quilt projects that need to be completed before the next one starts - see, that's just how I justify the hobby!)

Hmm. I'm just so thankful for the beautiful handiwork of others!
Aren't you?


gramsieluv said...

Hmmm--these lovelies make my efforts seem a bit amateurish at best :-)

Momma Bug said...

Besides, most of a quilt's charm is in the love that is sewn into it by someone you KNOW loves you:-)

And that's the truth!

gramsieluv said...

Well--if it is the love sewn in that makes a quilt charming, any I do for you should be a prize winner :-)