Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lucky Me!

I love, love, LOVE being in the Eastern time zone!

When I crawl into bed late at night, I can say it is early.

Because it is.

In Colorado.
Or better yet... California.

When (like this morning) I don't crawl OUT of bed until 1:00 in the afternoon, I can say it is still morning.

In Idaho.

Okay. That might be a slight abuse of the terms and circumstances, but it works AWESOMELY to my advantage when I want the children to go to bed, and I can say "Oh boy! It is SOOOO late children!"
Because it is.

Here. In Kentucky.

In Idaho, it may still be6:30 in the evening, but here? That's the great thing about Eastern time! And that's what I love about it.

Add to that; here I am done with all my blogging while the night is still young out on the West Coast. It gets even better because there's still action out there, and often someone else's amazing new blog post to be read when I wake up in the morning!

See what I'm talking about?
Globe Trotting (even if only for the sake of work, and confined to the lower 48) definitely has it's advantages!

I love it!


Diane said...

Ah. Your mind thinks just like mine does Analene. That is awesome! hee hee. Glad you are able to take advantage of time zones!

Mommy Reg said...

Oh, I love it. That is awesome. I would use the same excuse too I am sure.