Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday coming up!

Well... it's either blog or sew.
I hate to be torn, but Olivia's birthday is on Tuesday, and I don't relish the thought of an obligatory all-nighter hours before all that action.
I don't know about you gals, but I prefer to stick at a project for a few hours rather than fifteen minutes here and thirty minutes there. It's just enough to get everything out, make a mess, and pull out some hair (and usually some seams too)!

So sorry, but tonight I sew.

Do you have any great ideas for little gifts to fill a purple back pack with?
Olie will be turning three! ;-)

I asked her what she'd like for dinner on her birthday and she replied "cake!" (I could have answered that - my brain cells must be dying off faster than I thought!)
So I said, "Okay. For dessert. But what do you want BEFORE cake?"
To that (and without skipping a beat) she replied "CANDY!"


Mommy Reg said...

Awesome! She cracks me up. Really? 3 already. Are you sure? I know you are but it seems like it went way too fast.

Life throws you surprises! said...

My three year old likes color wonder coloring books, mini magnet doodles, and any mini stuff animals or doll play things. I pack a bag for her every monday and Thursday when she goes to sit at the therapist's waiting room. I try to pack anything that might hold her attention for a minute. I ordered Preschool in a Bag a year or so ago. It has great ideas for educational activities that fit in a ziplock bag. We have packed many of them on trips as well.

jenny said...

My girl is a color-a-holic so anything coloring related is a sure hit with her. Crayons, colored pencils, MARKERS! She also likes things little, little books, little hairbrush, etc. Unfortunately sometimes those things are best found when you're just shopping around. Don't you just love planning little surprises for your babies??? Happy Birthday to that super duper cute girl! Is purple her favorite color?

Lady Jess said...

lol! That's my favourite meal too. Happy Birthday to the big girl!

Grace McHugh said...

Our children have birthdays in tough months. Our two youngest have birthdays in October. Well, if they want to help pick out decorations we have to go before mid August because of the scary stuff put out for, well, that one awful day in October! Who thinks that far ahead? My oldest has a birthday the first week of January and I am crazy in November and December with those holidays and then realize, January 2nd, I have four days to pull something together. All that so say, yeah for you Momma Bug for doing a good job in getting things ready. :) I agree with the other suggestions, crayons, art supply pads, erasers, glitter glue, stickers, pink or purple anything. Looking forward to seeing those pictures. :)

Ashley said...

How about a crayon roll? Complete with crayon's. :)
If you google "crayon roll tutorial" I'm sure you will find one of the many one's out there.