Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Idaho Snow, Spring at Gramsie's!

This is the snow that was yet covering Marvel Hill two weeks ago.

This is Gramsie's yard:-) Her flowering magnolias and blooming "Grandie" garden!


Laflin said...

And we got several more inches over the last few days!! Yes, we are all jealous over those who are enjoying spring already. But come this summer.......and we will be reminded why we love it so much up here :)
Good night dear friend!

Morgan said...

Hi, I can't find your email address, so I have to leave a comment instead. :)
I really appreciate your comments on my blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I would love to continue the discussion, but I decided to take down the comments on my blog. One of the main goals of my blog is to tell people about Jesus and I don't want anything to hinder that. I'd love to discuss it more in email. My email address is morganf7(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks so much, Analene! I love your blog and the pictures of your kids are SO precious! Isn't this Spring weather amazing?

Cousin Kimberley said...

Analene, the pictures are wonderful, and your family is beautiful! I hope we will be able to connect during your stay in California. We all miss you so very much...
Hugs & Kisses to all

princessmama said...

Hi! I could have waved at you Friday lol :) Love ya, me