Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forget Him Not

My! How the Lord has been placing people on my mind and heart one by one, and at the oddest times and hours. I am so thankful to Him for all the precious people in my life - some close friends, and others whom I know not as well. Each of you has touched my life in ways you'll never know the reach or magnitude of.
As my wise and Dear Neighbor said to me (and I think she stole it from her friend Pamela):

"Your sphere of influence is greater than your circle of acquaintance."

It's so simple I don't know why it sounded so profound when I heard it! I have been chewing on it ever since, and will let you draw what you will from it. I only know it to be true, and where MY influence is called into question, it rather concerns me.

Of all the undesirable attributes I wish to purge from me, selfishness is what I would choose if I was limited to only one. I think that one probably rids me of most (if not all) the others anyway. I definitely need more of Jesus!
And that brings me back to you.
As I sit at the sewing machine, or stand at the ironing board, or am in bed after everyone is asleep, yet with my own eyeballs wide open and my little mind running on and on and on...
The Lord shows me His most wonderful and glorious character through the rays of His love that shine out from your lives.
Courtney, Jenny, Kathy, Kelli, Deborah, Grace, Sarah, Jana, Jess, Kim, Morgan, Mom, Char and Hannah, Em, Melissa, Shauna, Diane, Moll, Grace, Rashel, Heather, Lauri, Katrina, Kelly, Shannon, Beth, Janice, Ashley, Andi, Janelle, Deb, Angela, Rachel, Heidi, Faith, Suzanne, Edna, and on and on goes the list of people who's influence is greater than their sphere of acquaintance.

And it touches me, all because of Jesus in you. I am honored to sit and basque in the warm ray of light and His love because you love and follow Him! Thank you.

I discovered this patch of Forget-Me-Nots in Mom's yard. They usually sprout up in front by the pathways and driveway and front porch and door - an easy place to enjoy their sweet faces and as their name says "forget me not!" they seem to call out.

Not so this year. I found them in a less conspicuous place humbly residing by the back walkway, down on the bottom story level where the garage is... and the pile of firewood, and the lawn mower. At first I thought their picture would be a perfect heading for a post reminding my far-away friends not to forget me;-)

Alas this post developed instead and I find myself thinking of YOU instead of me. That is good. That is some of the selfishness being purged I think, and perhaps I too am learning to humbly reside on the lower level by the back door - there IS a lot of action there you know!
So much serving happens at the back door; Dad drives off to work and back again, Mom brings home the groceries, Dad hauls in firewood, and both of them mow, and weed, and stack rock, sticks, and yard trash.
That is the spot where Granny and Great Grampa park their motor home when they visit - not up by the front door, and guess what view they get to look at out their window? That humble patch of tiny blue Forget-Me-Nots.

They no longer proclaim their presence at the front of the house, but they make every chore delightful at the back:-)

Tonight I am thinking to remind myself "Forget HIM not, Analene. Forget Him not."

Remember HIM, my friends.
And I'm thinking of you too.


Diane said...

Hi Analene.

I have not forgotten you and now I still owe you an email. It's going to be an emotional one, so yes, I have been avoiding it, I think. But I am going to get back to you and answer your questions.

Thanks for your posts...always encouraging. Love you.

Mama K. said...

Thanks Analene. I'm encouraged by your words to remember Him in this early morning hour, having been up several times already with the girls. Now is when I'm needing Him the most!
It was great to see you this evening. Thanks to all your little ones for making my Kenna feel so loved and such a part! Love you!

fawndear said...

Beautiful Post.

I'm thinking of planting some Forget-me-nots in my yard. This would give thme a whole new meaning now.

Ashley said...

a beautiful post Analene... i think of you often.


Courtney said...

Dearest friend, I miss you. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are such a beautiful encouragement to me and others. Love you, Courtney

Grace McHugh said...

My sweet friend.........I love your heart. Your words push and encourage me to fight the good fight. "In Christ alone is my glory." Do I believe that? I struggle to live that. Thank you for peeling back the onion to get to the next layer. The onion is the sweetest at the center. I treasure you my friend.