Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The best part of visiting California has been seeing the Great Grandparents!
A week ago I took the children to visit my Grama and Grampa H. and we had a blast! Unfortunately I forgot the camera that time, so we'll have to go again armed!;-)
This week we called on my Grama and Grampa F. How wonderful was our time there as well!
I will post more Great Grand-pictures later, but for now...

These pictures are of Granny and Great Grampa L.

They live in Watsonville and called last Friday to say they'd be arriving in the afternoon (a good five or six hour drive!!!) What a treat!
These two dearly loved grandparents are past their late eighties, yet just watch the stamina they still have - and I mean to tell you, five children wear ME out!!!
I could not believe my eyes when I looked out the window and saw the image I captured in the video (bottom). And Great Grampa was pushing children in swings like their was no tomorrow!
(Everyone hated it, of course;-))
AJ was out of town, yet Granny and Great Grampa came all this way to be with us. Read to the children, chase, swing, talk with, and listen to. LOTS of listening to! There was a din that surely left a ringing in their ears. i bet it was a sleepy ride back to Watsonville with all that quiet!

Thank you Granny and Great Grampa! You blessed us more than words can tell. We love you!


heidi said...

I can still remember specific times my grandparents played with me. Grandpa on my trike in the backyard or playing school with me. Reading to me. Etc. These are moments that will be forever remembered and cherished. I know I still look back 30+ years ago and adore the time they spent with me. Makes me smile.

Watching your kids....hmmmm. Happy thoughts. =o) It was nice to have your photos spark old memories for me.

Lady Jess said...

How cute! Wow, that's some fun grandparents you have there.

petersonclan said...

What great memories... I still miss my grama... it's been 5 years and I still miss her.

jenny said...

Greeeeaaattt pics! The video was soo sweet, thanks for sharing that.