Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Thing for Green

When lately having taken a "friendship test" and asked the question "If you were a crayon, which color would you be?" I answered Cherry Red, or a Periwinkle Blue. I just LOVE color - and if I had to pick one I'm sure I'd consider yellow too. You have to have yellow! What would a sunny day be without yellow?

But the truth is... I have always had a thing for green.

I chose a silvery shade of green for a prominent color in our outdoor wedding, and when I was fourteen or so my best friend called me "Analene Green Jeans" (I actually had some - green jeans)!

And when I was two or three, I was so in love with Green that it was common fact throughout the family and my Auntie wrote a book for me called "Analene LOVES Green!" It was a story mostly true about my green birthday cake, the green clothes, and my saving all the green M&M's out of a bag.

Family lore tells that around that time, my grandma bought me a lovely red dress (HER favorite color) which she could not convince me to try on. When Asked why I didn't like it, I purportedly answered "Because I don't LIKE red. I ONLY like green."
And that was that from then on.

I have figured that green must be God's favorite color too since the world is covered in greens of every hue, and while my likings have branched out into the camps of many lovely colors, I've remained loyal to that noble color because of tradition.

These days though, I have been shocked to find myself gravitating towards green again - not because of loyalty, but because... I like it!
Now I know you can't put just any shade of green with any object. For instance, I am not a big fan of Aqua green paint on houses, or John Deer green on a Dodge Sprinter Van, and certainly no limey-green for your living room wall (believe me, I've tried it).
However a mixing bowl of each shade in your kitchen? Now that's a cheerful thought!

The talented Cousin Ella made these beautiful green and white dish rags to share with me, and this shade of green is the one that has me most right now. It turns out I had already bought some fabric for cloth napkins which will BEG me to add a couple other Pistachio green things in my Idaho Kitchen (where the walls are already painted Baltic green;-)). I think this shade makes me think of the ferns that were in full array up there last Spring when we first layed eyes on Marvel Hill.

Anyway. A long-winded post to share a little trivia about myself and to say that Analene does indeed still have a thing... for green.


Ashley said...

What a fun post... thanks for sharing all about your thing for green. :)

Photo Momma said...

I like green too... and have been asking for a green kitchen for some time now. That may be our next project (we seen to do one big project a year) so maybe this summer I will have a blog post about my sage green kitchen!

Momma Bug said...

Ashley - am I correctly remembering a limey-green color on YOUR living room wall? I recall LOVING it when I saw it, so if that is a true memory... I may have to edit my post!

Congratulations to your mom for me:-)


Lady Jess said...

Wow, a fellow greenie! I love green, right now I think the shade stage of green for me is the color of most of Ireland's landscape. So pretty.

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Analene Green Jeans! I'm happy to see that you still have a liking for that color. You know, there are certain shades of green that I can't see without thinking of you. Hope you have a wonderful day! Love, Shauna

princessmama said...

Those washcloths look a lot like mine, only mine are red and yellow :)

Ashley said...

Analene, yes, our living room is GREEN. A pretty apple green. But Mom has decided to paint it. After living with it for many years, she wants to go white! We have so much color in our living room though, the white will be so clean and nice. I'm kinda sad to see the green go. I love green!

Love, me

Jana said...

Happy Birthday, Analene! We're thinking of you today. :)

Katie said...

I do seem to recall a beautiful lime green living room in an adorable house in Chico. I loved that sunny living room of yours and I liked the paint color (and the hand painted tree in the corner!).

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