Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring At The Sewing Machine, and More...

Carolina joined me on a trip to my favorite quilting store this week: Honey Run Quilters. They are located downtown in an old Victorian house, and they do a fabulous job of stocking every nook and cranny with the beautiful designer fabrics you can't quite touch and feel and smell online. I like that "touch" part:-)
Anyway, they have a way of making you drool so badly over their desserts, that when you drop sixty dollars on fabric, you feel you bought only enough for a taste tester!

My inspiration is a birthday gift for Olivia. A "twirly" skirt for dancing in. A wing-it operation that (I hope in the end) will resemble my friend Jenny's Strip Skirt by Pink Fig Patterns - SO CUTE!!

Here's some of the material I splurged on, and to put in a good word for JoAnns, I picked up a good bunch of these colorful fabrics from there to fill in the cracks.

You know how it is... you have to have a little plain Jane to set off the foofy patterns!

Also, I know you are just longing to hear something more personal right? I mean, you don't visit my blog JUST to see the most darling little persons or hear about their most silly antics and amazing feats. Right?

....... That's what I thought. I'm going to pretend you didn't say that so I can talk about myself without feeling bad about it.

So ANYWAY... today I had the privilege of gathering with some ladies who have taken the roll of the Titus 2 "older women" and for several years have been sharing their wisdom and experience with some younger momma's (like me). My dear friend Deborah hosts this once a month fellowship, and opens her home to every age and stage of woman, all our children (which are at times fairly numerous), and welcomes fussy babies and know-it-all gals (not volunteering any names here, but you may know her well;-)) with grace, hospitality, and the biggest cookies I have rarely seen!

My times there are always refreshing, often convicting, and inspire me to rise the the honorable privilege of being a wife, mother, and friend. Today was no exception. My children have been looking forward to this get-together for over a year and played hard (eating some of those BIG cookies I mentioned). The gals talked about raising boys, and my precious friend Shannon shared some of her herbal knowledge and gave us some tips and recipe's for making natural facial scrub, hair care, and tooth paste!
I had the opportunity to see some lovely mothers that I admire and rarely get to visit with, to meet some new babies, and to find out who is in the family way again:-)

I have been feeling emotional lately, and wanting to hide under a rock. I am so glad I ventured out today, and I'm also pretty glad I didn't burst into tears for no reason. I prefer not to do that in public. I hate to ruin that spotless image of strength and stability - HA!

It was a lovely, lovely day. I am very blessed. I can ask the Lord for more, and I may, but I am sure that I have already seen more than three lifetimes of blessing!
I am content.


Jess said...

I am so glad I have had another girl to put in twirly skirts :) I wish I could have joined you for a trip to the store and to your friend's house, it sounds lovely!

Mommy Reg said...

OOOhhh look at all that fabric! So fun. I love fabric. And it sounds like you had a great time at Deb's.

Diane said...

Sounds like a perfect day Analene. Wish I were there and can't wait to see you.

Love you.

Grace McHugh said...

Love the patterns. Jennie will be drooling. Your time with your lady friends sounds so refreshing. I long for that. Enjoy and soak it up. I so miss you being close.

princessmama said...

Mmmm, Momma time, good stuff:) We need that refreshment sometimes to help keep going cheerfully don't we:)

Beautiful fabric, what fun:)

pingstab? Seriously, I don't know about these random letter generators sometimes...

Jana said...

What beautiful colors! Olivia is a lucky little girl. Sounds like a really fun project.