Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Shouldn't Have Found Them

Clay and Susie, that is.

It is barely Spring, and feels balmy compared to the last five months or so, so of course playing in the water is a great idea - right?
They were carefully pouring water from a bucket on Gramsie's porch into her ice chest. They were being pretty careful because they hadn't asked anyone over the age of six if this game was going to be acceptable.
Unfortunately I found them out and was obligated (by rule of being a stick-in-the-mud mother) to lecture them on ASKING first. So of course they did the next natural thing. They asked.
THEN I was obligated to curtail or condone the fun. I did the later (by rule of the guilty stick-in-the-mud mother complex), asked them (obligation once again to the rule of stick-in-the-mud mother) to try not to get wet, and you might imagine what transpired next.

You see, when pushing the envelope on being sneaky, one is often much more careful and covert about hiding the evidence of said sneaky acts. Once permission is obtained for questionable game, there is no need to hide anything. There is no "evidence" to worry about, so all carefulness is lost to bliss. Yep. Sopping wet from head to toe.
Did they have a good time though? I heard a lot of laughing, and no complaint of being cold, so I guess so. It just goes to show how little a stick-in-the-mud mother knows, and probably how much she misses by not skipping the lecture and jumping right into the fun!
Hopefully there's still time for me to learn, and maybe it wasn't so bad that I found them ;-)


Grace McHugh said...

How fun!! Anything to do with water is always a big hit. And kuddos to you Momma Bug for giving their way a little. I too strive to look for ways to say yes. Thank you for the reminder to try to be a fun momma. :) Miss you much my friend.

Shauna said...

Yesterday it got to be above freezing again here, and for us, that feels downright balmy. Heidi spent most of the day outside and with all the meting snow, got completely soaked. Today she's out there doing it again, but her last words to me as she ran out the door were, "don't worry Mama, I won't get frozen!" What a comfort.

Lady Jess said...

lol! Oh, boy.

Momma Bug said...

Don't worry mama, I won't get frozen?!!!

That child is a crack-up! You are doing awesome Shauna, I really admire your mommying ability, and the creativity of your little girl.
I can't wait to meet Hannah too.

So, as the world falls apart I occasionally think of you and am grateful for your rural setting and simple life. If I thought Canada was a better option for a place to live I'd be tempted to join you there.

I love ya,

And Grace, i have been enjoying your blog so much! I haven't made myself comment, but miss miss miss you too:-)

Love ya!

Christabelle said...

I love the line "they hadn't asked anyone over the age of six if this game was going to be acceptable." I'm glad they got a chance to have some fun. It's exciting that the weather is changing.